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  esbe 15:56 11 Jul 2005

Hi, a friend of mine is working on this site,and would like some honest opinions please.
You can click on the logo for some stats.

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  Forum Editor 20:09 11 Jul 2005

1. You will run into problems if you offer .exe files as direct downloads. I haven't checked, but I very much doubt if the likes of Grisoft, Mozilla or Zonelabs will permit this form of distribution of their software, even if it is free. The standard etiquette on the web is that you don't link directly to .exe files on another site, and you definitely don't link to anything but the site's homepage unless specifically asked to do so by the site's owners. Linking in to child pages within a website is a big no-no.

2. Your friend talks about mending peoples' computers, but there is absolutely nothing on the site to give any indication as to where his/her business is located - is it in New York State or Sydney, Australia? It has a .com address, and that could place it anywhere on the planet.

3. By law, if your business operates in the UK, and you advertise goods and/or services for sale on the internet you must supply visitors with a postal address and a telephone number - I see nothing of that nature on the site at present.

4. There's no copyright claim on the site's content. You might want to remedy that before launch.

5. The survey form has a submit button marked 'submit query'. The button label should be edited to read 'Submit'. Nobody's submitting a query.

6. What's the point of the 'Top 3' page? I don't see how it's relevant.

7. On the jobs page it says (amongst other things) "We understand the needs of our staff and place them at the centre of our focus." That's exactly what I would not want to hear if I was a prospective customer. Good companies always understand the needs of their staff, it doesn't have to be said on a website. What customers want to know is that you understand their needs, and put them at the centre of your focus.

8. Finally, and more important than all the other things put together, is the fact that the site's purpose is totally incomprehensible as it stands. Is it a computer-help site with a forum format, where you can go and ask questions about computing problems, and get them answered free of charge - like this site? Or is it the same as that, except that you have to pay for the help and/or advice? Or is it neither of those, but a site advertising a one-to-one computer advice and repair service - with a fee attached? Having read right through the text twice I am completely at a loss as to which it is, or what I would have to do is I needed help.

That is what your homepage is for - it's there that you spread your wares out for passers-by to see; it's your shop window. Your homepage should tell people what you are, where you are, and where you operate - it's no good telling someone they can send their computers to you for repair if they're in Honolulu and you're in Harrogate.

And finally...........that name. I imagine we all felt a slight tinge of "that name's familiar somehow" when we first saw 'Computer Inactive', and that could be your friend's downfall. There's a very successful and well-established computer help and advice magazine called ComputerActive, as I'm sure your friend knows only too well. The owners of that name (which is a registered trademark) might be non too happy at your friend's registration of a name that is all too similar to theirs, and he/she may find a big brown envelope on the doormat one morning.

If it was me I would ditch the name immediately, and look for something less contentious.

  PurplePenny 21:02 11 Jul 2005

I agreout ditching the name .. for a completely different reason. It's a negative name; it gives the wrong impression. I don't want an inactive computer.

  PurplePenny 21:39 11 Jul 2005


Don't know what happened there .. I'm sure that I typed "agree with FE about" :-(

  esbe 22:48 11 Jul 2005

Hi, thanks for the comments and advice so far,and for taking the time to look at the site. I'll pass them on.


  Forum Editor 23:42 11 Jul 2005

Easy on the Chardonnay.

  Pooke 21:30 18 Jul 2005

The grey writing on a bright white background is hard to read. The grammar isn't very good either because of this I had to read parts several times to get an understanding.

The name Computer Inactive needs to be changed for both reasons given by the Forum Editor and Purple Penny.


  De Marcus 21:43 18 Jul 2005

Is the music a new addittion? I don't remember hearing any when I first had a look a day or two ago (sound may have been turned down though).

I don't personally like it but others may disagree.

  Forum Editor 00:13 19 Jul 2005

I click away without going any further - I just can't stand it.

  ade.h 22:43 21 Jul 2005

It's a very attractive site style; that's a positive. Sharp, yet elegant and easy on the eye. The links need to be a little bigger though.

However, Pooke is correct in saying that the grammar and syntax need some work. In fact, that is an understatement. Whenever I see such a poor standard of English, I hit the back button promptly. It gives such a bad impression.

I must also agree with the comments regarding the name; I know that choosing a suitable business name is much harder than one might think, as there are infringement issues to consider as well as the marketing potential and image.

Ultimately, there are certain benefits to being registered as a private limited company, which your friend may want to consider if he isn't already. It's not expensive or complex and Companies House vetts requests carefully to help to avoid likely infringements. Do a name search at click here and look at the kind of names that are similar. They can provide advice even if you choose not to register the business name.

  esbe 09:56 05 Aug 2005

Hi,Re your email; the site is being constructed by a friend of mine, if you click on the email link on the site, he will get back to you regarding the information you require.


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