New site - mark two

  sugarbabe 15:54 03 Nov 2006

I have posted my site on before and have now made some changes thanks to advice on this forum.

Would like some opinions click here

  Naeris 20:30 03 Nov 2006

Apart from comments above which I agree with, I would also create your own images for the site as the generic royalty-free ones look a bit pants - and everyone has them, you need to stand out as there are a lot of people offering these types of services.

Have you thought of open source php for your site engine? This gives it a professional look without much know-how. I just think that for the services you're offering, a more prof. site would give your potential clients more confidence to choose you.

  PurplePenny 22:14 03 Nov 2006

You haven't specified a background colour for your page. (Most people miss this but I have a default colour set on IE so it turns anything without a specified colour lilac!)

On Firefox the line "Install a network at your home / business or repair your existing netw" is bold and disappears behind the image.

Naeris: I don't understand your comment that php would give the site a more professional look. In what way? Many professional sites are written without any scripting. 11:11 04 Nov 2006

the user to scroll sideways in an 800 wide window, which many people still use.

  IClaudio 15:56 04 Nov 2006

bold or non-Bold headings: at the moment, the Anti-Virus page has a Bold heading, the other pages, non-bold. And the top-right graphic changes size on some pages, such as 'Contact Us'

Some links on the Home page to other pages would be nice.

On the 'Back-up' page, the first bullet point ('We can 'backup'...) disappears behind the graphic in Firefox (maybe in IE too...).

  spuds 21:29 04 Nov 2006

Improvement on your last try. But I would dispense with the 'We Can' listed on every page. In my opinion, this not only spoils the page, but gives the impression that you 'can' work miracles, which could leave you open, if things go wrong.

I notice that you have added some graphics since last time, this can only be a good thing, and future selling point

  acsmanhtml12 10:22 05 Nov 2006

I don't like the three blocks between the first navigation links. There is also what appears to be a hidden (white) image. Just checking code etc.

  acsmanhtml12 10:32 05 Nov 2006

1) Disappointed with validation. Also would XHTML 1.0 Transitional be out of the question.
2) TABLES why on earth are they used!
3) Instead of bloating your HTML with styles use a stylesheet. It may increase download times slightly.
Also is it me or is there a lot of unnedded columns etc.
You also have a h1 tag with just &nspb; in it. I really think with divs etc. this site could look the same (oh yeah and CSS!) and cut the document size!

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