New site - how to speed up load times?

  jg1990 10:53 25 Sep 2004

Hi everyone.

I am currently putting together a website for a local group which has a few pictures. Basically, I think that the load times on 56k are rather slow as the home page is approximately 23kb.

Does anyone know how I can speed this up?


PS. The site: click here

  Bandy 12:38 25 Sep 2004

Have only had a quick look, but the load times om my 56k dial up are quite good and I didn't find any problem

  david4637 12:59 25 Sep 2004

Same comment as Bandy No Problems on 56K. Good luck with your fight on these ugly monsters. David

  jg1990 14:21 25 Sep 2004

Earlier to your posts I find out how to compress the images using Microsoft Picture It.

david4637, thanks for your kind comments!

Regards, James

  Taran 15:00 25 Sep 2004

Part of the problem is that you used what looks like Microsoft Word to create the page and so the code produced is pretty huge. You could cut it down significantly but at the end of the day you could argue the toss. You've done an excellent job in reducing the images without too much degradation and that is the one area that tends to slow down load times more than anything else. Unless you want to get your sleeves rolled up and get into the underlying code, you could just leave it as it is and be comfortable in the fact that the page, as it stands, is not overly slow even on dial up.

Well done.

  jg1990 15:46 25 Sep 2004

I put the site together in Frontpage 2002. Do you have any tips in cutting down the code?

  Taran 16:02 25 Sep 2004

To go as far as you can go, you could redesign the whole lot with no tables and use CSS to format the page content.

This is a low of work and should only be done if you know the process inside and out. CSS has a lot of pitfalls where certain browsers interpret things differently and so you need to know the code hacks to get it all straightened out.

To be honest you've made what looks like a nice looking page. Why not complete the other pages, update the hyperlinks on the buttons so that they don't display pop up tooltips like "C:\Files\J.Goss\WEBSITE\WHAG\health.htm" and see how you get along. Instead of worrying at it try to get the site as a whole up and running. If you start to hack it to death now, you'll be on for ages and the site won't go live.

There are some online HTML checkers but that's not really going to help a great deal here. Most of what they tell you to get rid of will only break your page design visually because of the way in which it is coded.

FrontPage, like all other WYSIWYG editors, creates code based on the items and effects you put onto your page(s). It cannot stop you from making what can turn out to be a bloated page.

Try completing the site or have a long think about what you want to do about cutting it to the bone. It's pretty good as it stands and appears to work in IE, Mozilla, Firefox and Opera. That alone is a lot in its favour.

  Gaz 25 19:09 25 Sep 2004

seem to be fine for me aswell.

  Gaz 25 19:12 25 Sep 2004

There's some good advice in there. If you wanted it faster and less bloated you would have to handwrite the code in notepad and this requires that you understand html.

Personaly, it's probably best as it is now.

It loads quick and works in IE, Opera and Firefox here.

  jg1990 12:47 26 Sep 2004

I'm not really actively involved in the campaign. My Mum is in the action group and I offered to do a website for them. I will pass on your comments, and will post her reply, or send you an email using 'the envelope'.

Best Wishes, James

  Forum Editor 19:49 26 Sep 2004

important as such issues might be to those affected.

Your site looks fine to me, although there's an issue with the tables on the turbines page, at least in IE there is, the text is all over the place. To be honest I think these points would look better bulleted, but if you want have them in a table you need to format the cell properties differently.

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