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  palinka 15:57 07 Jun 2011

I was incommunicado for about 3 months at the start of the year and when I finally returned I discovered the forums all look different, and I don't find the new look helpful.

OK, having got that growse out of the way I have 2 questions - (a)where is the "Resolved" box on this site? does it still exist? & if so where? If not, how do I indicate that a problem is resolved?

AND (b)does anyone know where on the site I can sign up for the line rental that you pay in a single payment instead of each month. I've just spent nearly an hour going round and round in circles on their website trying to achieve this; followed by a call to their tel no - up to 7 different options at any one time, but none of them takes me to a place (or person)who can sign me up for this.

  birdface 16:02 07 Jun 2011

Resolved.You will see grey ticks on your post click one till it turns green and thats all you do.

  Nontek 16:18 07 Jun 2011

link text BT Line Rental Saver ....

  compumac 16:26 07 Jun 2011

With regard to twelve month line rental upfront I phoned and went through to Bills accounts etc and arranged that detail in two or three minutes.

  palinka 16:30 07 Jun 2011

thanks, Buteman.

Nontek - thanks, but that's one of the places on their website that sends me round in circles - when I click on the pink button it does NOT take me to a sign-up for annual line rental, only to change my calling plan/features & as I know I already "qualify" for the line rental I don't want to change any of my plans. (and 2 years ago BT claimed I had ticked a box to change my plan -I had not- but it still cost me to sort out the mess BT had caused with my [then] ISP. I'm not going anywhere near that route again)

  palinka 16:47 07 Jun 2011

thanks, compumac, I'll try that.

  palinka 17:00 07 Jun 2011

I must be thicker than I thought! Or maybe I'm starting from the wrong number. Using 0800800150 I arrive at Bills& accounts,but that offers only "order" or how much is owing/when I last paid/etc. I'll try a different number- if I can find one!

  chub_tor 17:08 07 Jun 2011

palinka I had not heard about Line Rental Saver until I saw this thread, I have just used Live Chat on the BT website to confirm that I was eligible then I called 0800 800 150 and used the keypad to say that I wanted to query my bill - I had to enter my BT account number. There was a 5 minute hold (or they offered to call back within the hour) then the transaction was done in literally a few minutes. Very painless and you have saved me £40+

  palinka 18:11 07 Jun 2011

thanks, chub_tor. Glad to have been of help. Now I'll use YOUR information to have another attempt at Line Rental Saver. (the first problem is which button to choose, but as you managed it with "query your bill" I'll try that this time.)

  palinka 18:28 07 Jun 2011

Done it! All thanks to chub_tor -and a mere 4 hours (with a break here & there)since I started on the quest!

  chub_tor 19:23 07 Jun 2011

And that's an example of why this forum is so good, together we have mutually solved a problem. If only all the queries were that easy....

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