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  sugarbabe 22:08 05 Jan 2008

Hi am in process or building a site, still very early stages!!!

click here

If you have any comments please let me know.

I have published temporarily to different web address so know address and company name don't go together.

Obviously alot of content still needs adding and pictures.

Also waiting for friend to choose which colour they want as background but if anyone has opinions let me know.

  mco 23:21 05 Jan 2008

It looks good so far - I now know what PAT stands for!By background colour that your friend will choose, what do you mean? The white background? Which I would leave white or else light grey. Or the page colour? I am not too sure of the changing colours of the pages as you scroll through them - I know it differentiates between different pages but I still think perhaps they should all be one colour.

  mco 23:24 05 Jan 2008

are those different page colours for your friend to choose from? In which case I would maybe go for the fffcc one or else the cccccc

  sugarbabe 10:49 06 Jan 2008

Thanks for all your comments. Yes my friend will choose which background colour for the table, personally i'm inclined towards the yellow, as her very poor logo is yellow.

Thanks also for your comments about the abbreviation and using full phrase will definately change that. will do all the h1 etc as i progress.

I'm using adobe contribute and need to put on html scrip to get the feedback form working. Anyone have any ideas how to do this??

Also wanted to put a bold border around the whole table but not on the internal borders but could find no option to do this only all borders together.

Contribute seems very simple to use but in some ways to simple i can't find shadows or rounded edges, not sure if i am missing something???

  sugarbabe 10:51 06 Jan 2008

Forum Member

I'm confused about the comment about left justification it all looks exactly the same on my Internet Explorer can you explain please???

  Kemistri 13:42 06 Jan 2008


  Eric10 14:36 06 Jan 2008

The text on the "Why PAT Test?" page is centered in IE6 and 7, and Opera. Only Firefox shows it left justified.

  sugarbabe 15:14 06 Jan 2008

Think i have fixed justification problem. Anyone got any ideas how to put an outer border on table on contribute or put a form on???

  sugarbabe 15:27 06 Jan 2008

The site is hosted with Heart internet and they have a form that you just copy and post the script which i have done on other sites but cannot see how you add script to contribute its all in a display layout.


  Kemistri 15:34 06 Jan 2008

I thought Contribute was just a CMS

  sugarbabe 15:35 06 Jan 2008

what is a cms??

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