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  A15 11:39 03 Apr 2004

Hi all,

I have just created my first (very simple) web page in Microsoft Word 2002. I only require it to be very simple, as it satisfies my needs to advertise my business.

The question though, is how do I get Microsoft explorer to put the title of the web page at the top (in the blue bar) instead of displaying "left aligned column"?

Also please check it out & let me know what you think for a first attempt!! Any constructive criticism welcome! but only if your willing to help me through any bad points!!
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  PurplePenny 13:15 03 Apr 2004

You have given "Left-aligned Column" as the name of the page:

title>Left-aligned Column</title>

You need to replace those words with the real name of the page.

I can see that you wanted to make the site personal and friendly but I think that you've gone a bit too far in some places. For instance a prospective customer doesn't need to know that your brother is fully insured to drive and work on the vehicle. The customer would assume that anyone offering a professional courier service would *only* use fully insured drivers.

You could say that you are a small, family run business offering a flexible, reliable service with a personal touch.

Similarly the information about the vehicle itself is a little too detailed. Does the customer need to know the details of the rental scheme? I would prefer to see an emphasis on the last bit of that section - the fact that you have comprehensive breakdown coverage which means that you will get my package to its destination no matter what.

Good luck with the business,


  A15 13:48 03 Apr 2004

For the info on how to change the title. That is ultimately what I was looking for.

With regard to the info being very detailed, I have done this on purpose. I do a lot of work for profesional courier companies, who insist on knowing all details of your insuarance, vehicle, breakdown cover etc.

It is very difficult to be able to get the balance right between having too much detail & too little!

Thanks again.

  Forum Editor 14:45 03 Apr 2004

it's well-written and personable, and if I was to contemplate using a courier service I would certainly be attracted to yours.

Have you considered using a dedicated web design application? You would quite easily be able to produce something that looked a little more professional, and you might expand your site into more than one page. I am partially in agreement with PurplePenny when it comes to the minutiae - perhaps this information could be placed on a second, 'about us' page? I know some people need that amount of detail, but perhaps having it on the homepage is little 'in your face'.

  A15 15:42 03 Apr 2004

Yes, thank-you. Having looked at your suggestion (& of course PurplePenny's) I think you may be right. This is my first attempt at creating a web page, so I am sure there is plenty of room for improvement!

I did try using a web package, but I only had web plus 6.0 from Serif & could not get on with it very well. I found it difficult & clumsy to use. The features you need did not seem to be readily available, but then it's probably just me. I will be looking to purchase a web package, but need something simple & in-expensive, so any suggestions would be welcome.

The title should now be fixed, after following PurplePenny's advice I knew what to look for!

Thanks for the comments so far.

  Forum Editor 16:40 03 Apr 2004

in the web design water I suggest you take a look at NetObjects Fusion. It has exactly the right mix of 'first time' useability plus powerful tools for when you become more experienced.

click here to find out more.

  A15 17:17 03 Apr 2004

For your comments. Thanks for that FE, Netobjects Fusion certainly looks good, but a little too rich for my blood at the moment!! Will have to look for cheaper (much cheaper!!) alternative.

Will tick this as resolved now, as principal question has been answered. Thanks again.

  PurplePenny 18:07 03 Apr 2004

If you already have WebPlus6 give it another go. We can help you with problems - there is a forum member who is quite a Serif expert. Also Serif run a forum and a newsgroup where you can post WebPlus queries - the member from here posts there too :-)

  whatsupdoc 19:08 03 Apr 2004

does what it says on the tin so to speak

a 2 page site would give a little more artistic scope and allow more info but for me id like to see a domain name upfront linked to your free page from your isp
best tenner you can spend and 1&1 are highly recommended

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