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  bellababy 11:02 05 Sep 2006

When I have a problem with my computer, PC Advisor is my first port of call and invariably I soon get an answer then I'm on my way again problem solved. Lots of the answers come by way of references to past entries with advice to click here which gives a link to a past posting, this leads me to conclude that there is now a vast knowledge base. Do you think it would be a good idea if this could now be incorporated in a new section, with simple click on links with sub sections for example, click on to say key board problems or Internet, or broadband, anti virus, problems and so on. I know it's possible to do a search but I always try this and don't always get what I'm looking for, though some of the 'old hands' who shall be nameless never cease to amaze
me with their knowledge of where the correct answer may be in past entries. Perhaps I'm being a little naive in thinking this is easier said than done. I'll finish with a big thanks to all who ever helped me in the past.

  SANTOS7 11:06 05 Sep 2006

Don't really think it will be a good idea you will just have more to search through, What i can suggest when searching, choose your KEYWORDS carefully, make sure they are fully relavent to the problem you have and you can normally come up with a solution..

  anskyber 11:10 05 Sep 2006

I am sure it is a good idea, but perhaps difficult to achieve in practice. To an extent some users of forums ask questions before doing their own simple research. (eg Google or for Microsoft the MS information base)

I suspect that some are too busy or even in a hurry so it is easier to come here. If I am right then the database to which you refer may be less well used.

  ezypcy 11:16 05 Sep 2006

bellababy ,can't see it happening due to weaknesses with the internal search engine.
Can you imagine the complexity of the cross
referencing involved and the cost.

You cannot beat the Google search and it is invalueable when you add the word "problems" to the
search text.

  bellababy 11:35 05 Sep 2006

(You cannot beat the Google search and it is invalueable when you add the word "problems" to the to the search text)
I'll try that next time I have a problem, hopefully never! I wish:-)

  silverous 11:38 05 Sep 2006

I think Search is the answer. Maybe the search can be improved when the next round of enhancements happens, as I haven't always found that it gives the results I'd expect.

It would be a manual process for someone to review and file the posts whereas search takes that job away and is more powerful.

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