New Screen?

  Antz 22:54 31 Aug 2006

My Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo TFT screen is a bit dull and not great when playing dvd's. I have an nvidia Geforce 6600 graphics card with an HDMI output. Can anybody suggest a good quality screen to get the best out this card and improve the quality of my on-screen image.

  splatter 23:52 31 Aug 2006

For gaming and films you can't beat them.

TFT screens have come along way over the past couple of years, and used to suffer terribly from an effect known as ghosting. This was where a whitish after image was left behind whenever something on screen moved (somebody could probably explain better than me). A good TFT today will eliminate this effect almost completely...but CRT's don't suffer from this problem.

Both types of display have their pro's and con's but I'm old school CRT (at the age of 21) and wouldn't swap them for the world.

Actually...go on, offer me the world for my CRT, I'll accpept :)

  johnnyrocker 23:56 31 Aug 2006

same here at 40 yrs plus on you.


  JYPX 00:44 01 Sep 2006

And me.
I recently went out to buy a new monitor with a budget of £400. The best image, regardless of price was this 19" monitor at £128.
click here
Yes - it's a CRT.
I admit that it would be very tempting to take up the much vaunted space saving offered by a TFT, but so far I have been unable to locate a desk that is only 4" deep.......

  sean-278262 01:05 01 Sep 2006

CRT any day, but I do use my laptop often. Antz it may help to consult the likes of PCadvisor magazine and read up what to look for and see what exactly you are after. I prefer lighter palates than darker but it will be your own needs. Head around the shops and ask to seem them in action, most places will happily show you the screen showing a movie of your collection and will show you if it is what you are looking for.

  sean-278262 01:06 01 Sep 2006

By that last bit I mean the screen will show you if it is up to the job.

  sean-278262 01:16 01 Sep 2006

As for ghosting which I totally forgot about explaining. It is simply put that on a dark scene you will see things fine but if it goes very bright straight after this scene you will still see remenants of the last scene in the new one. Most screens are pretty good at solving this but it is still present on just about all the ones I have tested.

click here

The effect would be similar (but not the same) to running your eyes over the above image.

Im sure someone can send one of those videos that demonstrates the idea of what happens on any monitor I cannot find one.

  terryf 07:12 01 Sep 2006

I am old school as well (at 73) but for general use I think a 19" TFT beats a 17" CRT hands down, mind I don't do gaming (except Solitaire :-) )

  Antz 16:56 01 Sep 2006

'Big, flat and a pleasure to own'.....this is the way the Toshiba 19" CRT model recommended by JYPX is described . It is certainly food for thought according to most of the responses here...thanks to everyone.

  DieSse 17:59 01 Sep 2006

*TFT screen is a bit dull*

There must be a zillion and one adjustments you can make, both in the nvidia diver, and the DVD player software to perk up brightness, contrast, gamma, etc.

*not great when playing dvd's*

In what sort of ways? - just the picture, as above, or what?.

You say your card has an HDMI output - why did you say that? - as it won't be in use for playing DVDs on the computer screen - is there something else we should know?

  anskyber 18:09 01 Sep 2006

Go and ahve a look at a few, respecting all that has been said above I take the view that LCD has the best balance of advantages, particularly as DieSse says if it is set up properly.

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