New Scanner and 98

  hulber_j 10:13 15 May 2004

I have Windows 98 (not SE). All new scanners seem to need Windows 98 SE or above.
If I buy a new scanner, will it all install okay?
(I am considering Canon 3200F, HP 3970, and Epson 1679 Photo)
I have USB

  Pidder 10:32 15 May 2004

As you have USB I would expect it to work o.k. but my experience, using 98SE, is that a printer connected to USB1 is a lot slower than one connected via parallel. (Celeron 433 may account for this). Wonder if scanners with parallel connection are still available?

  Pidder 10:34 15 May 2004

As an afterthought, folks have said that 98 (not SE) does not have USB compatibility, have you upgraded in some way?

  gold 47 14:00 15 May 2004

As has been said W98 is not USB aware system so if you have USB connections how the hell are they working!!
If they are working you are running W98SE

  perrynamibia 14:09 15 May 2004

I have a HP 3400C scanner which was coeected to Windows 98 via USB with no problems. (After moving I blew up the power socket by connecting the wrong adapter FOOL!)

  Satmansq 16:41 15 May 2004

Win98 may not be aware of usb but it does not prevent you from loading motherboard or PCI card drivers to make it aware.

  fsbb 16:52 15 May 2004

Before I rebuilt my system I ran the basic Win 98 with connected USB components icluding scanner, printer, card reader and BB modem. I think some are getting confused, Win 95 does not support USB, all later Win versions do.

When buying todays medels it is best to check what drivers are provided. Some manufacturers may no longer support Win 98.

  hulber_j 22:06 20 May 2004

Thanks for your comments on my question.
I have two USB ports which work fine with my digital camera and with a multiple memory card reader. They will be just somewhat slower than USB 2. My query is will the scanner software load and run under 98?

  britto 22:22 20 May 2004

Just got the canon 3200f on the box it says 98 is ok

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