New SATA Drive

  barnettjacob 09:44 16 Oct 2006

Hoping someone can help me with a little problem I'm having!!!

Decided I needed a bit more hard drive space so decided to get a 250GB SATA Drive to augment my current IDE based system (had to replace mobo relatively recently but kept existing IDE hdd).

Problem is that the machine will not boot with the SATA atached - although there is a driver on the mobo disk, it doesnt seem to do anything when i click on it.

Can anyone help??????????????/

  eddie937 11:57 16 Oct 2006

im quite new to sata myself but im sure you have to mak a floppy and put as first boot. then boot up.

  sunny staines 13:55 16 Oct 2006


  Totally-braindead 14:16 16 Oct 2006

It depends how the motherboard works. You have to check that the BIOS detects it. You may have to change the boot order, many PCs actually list SCSI as one of the boot devices when what it means is SATA.

The first time I did it I did have a lot of bother but I was also connected up 2 SATA drives in a RAID configuration.

I was working on one last night, installing a new SATA drive, it was a Maxtor so I use the MAxblast floppy to boot from and formatted the drive then just installed as normal having checked the drive was detected. I also made sure the IDE drive was disconnected and I was just using the SATA alone.
Hope that helps. Regarding the Maxblast tools most manufacturers have tools which you can download if you wish just check their website.

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