New Router : reconfigure whole network?

  Alf58 18:04 12 Jul 2007

Just got a new router. We have three wired desktop machines and two wireless laptops on our home network. When setting up the new router will I have to go through the rigmarole of setting up each computer individually or will Windows automatically detect the router and do all the necessary? All the machines are running Win XP.

  PalaeoBill 19:22 12 Jul 2007

If you are swapping out your old router with a new one, just plug one of your wired PC's into the new one and configure it to use the same IP address as your old one had.(If the factory set IP address of the new router is different to your old one, browse from your PC to that IP address and then change it within the router configuration menus).
If you were using WEP or WPA on your old router, make sure you set up the new router's WEP/WPA with the same network key as the old one had.
This way you shouldn't have to change any network or firewall settings on any of your PC's.
NOTE: It you had restricted wireless access to specific MAC addresses on your old router, this will need to be done again on the new one.

  PalaeoBill 19:25 12 Jul 2007

Oh, missed a step. Give the new router the same SSID as the old one had.

  Alf58 19:59 12 Jul 2007

Thank you for the response. I'll take your advice just as soon as I have plucked up the courage! The home network is working so well and I have visions of irate family members being unsympathetic as I toil away trying to resore their internet and printer sharing settings.

  Dipso 21:19 12 Jul 2007

What router did you go for in the end Alf58?

  Alf58 21:28 12 Jul 2007

Speedtouch 585. Its one of the reconditioned ones so it didnt cost much. It gives me another weapon in the war to to increase my sync speed. I may wait till the weekend before using it. That way I'll have more time to mess about with it. Belkin is working OK at the mo which is of course sod's law.

  Dipso 21:38 12 Jul 2007

I have one of the recon ones too, well worth the money.

  Dipso 16:21 17 Jul 2007

Did you manage to set the Speedtouch up?

How's the connection?

  Alf58 18:08 17 Jul 2007

When first connecting Speedtouch it synced at 6400kbps which was vastly better than my Belkin which was around 4700. My line profile went straight to 5500 it had been 4500 with the Belkin. I was well pleased. Since then I have had a couple of resynces because of updating firmware and locking myself out due to password problems.I am currentlr syncing at 5700 and my profile is down to 5000. My signal to noise margin has gone up to 18 it was 16.5 with the Belkin and my upstream line attentuation has gon up 40 from 35 with the Belkin.

There is a website which calculates your theoretical speed taking into account your line attentuation and your line length. According to that I should have a speed of 7000 give or take 10% error margin. So that is what I'm aiming for. I'll give another 24 hours before I attempt to resync hope to over 6000 again. Must say I like the Speedtouch: it just feels better.

  Dipso 20:31 17 Jul 2007

I'm so glad it worked out for you, they really are cracking routers.

If you are interested there is a way of regaining the extra sync speed by reducing your target noise margin using a software tool, otherwise you'll have to wait several weeks for this to come down on it's own accord, (by 3db every 14 days). However, if you have updated to v6.2 of the firmware this won't work. It is possible to downgrade though.

I presume the password problem was the IE7 bug which was fixed with the v6.2 firmware click here

  Alf58 21:14 17 Jul 2007

Yeah the password issue is now resolved.

I have heard of this "tweaking" idea but not possible for me unless I downgrade my firmware. Dunno if I want the hassle. I thought if I wait a few days and then resynced at say 6am I might increase my speed. Or maybe its a long long wait.

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