New Router Now Strange Message On Desktop

  al7478 19:47 29 Jun 2008

Hi folks.

A friend and i installed a new router today, and, ever since we completed the installation, I've had an error message on my desktop.

it says "enter the zip code you would like to display the whether for". Hmmm.

I try to cancel it, and it comes up with another message telling me it is an invalid zip code, which im afraid i cant quote for you, as its just this minute gone!

I have no interest in the whether in US states (Massachusettes, i think a quick google revealed) and ive never seen this message before the router installation.

I rang netgear, who hung up on me the first time. the second time they said "we dont install anything like that so you shouldnt be having the problem. but you are. ring dell".

I'm currently running a virus scan and will reboot when its finished. if anyone has any thoughts id be grateful to hear them. That said, if the problem has corrected itself upon rebooting, ill tick as resolved.

  tullie 20:03 29 Jun 2008

Do you mean whether or weather

  chub_tor 20:12 29 Jun 2008

You could always try entering Beverley Hills (90210) and see if the message goes away - as far as I know it is a genuine zip code.....

  al7478 20:15 29 Jun 2008

yeah. cheers folks.

my emails and internet connection are being very temperamental now too. And the zip code message is back.Wonder if there are any issues with Dell and Netgear. I'll have a google.

  al7478 20:21 29 Jun 2008

Actually, they sell a netgear router on their site, so id hope not.

  al7478 22:30 29 Jun 2008

it appears to have gone after a system restore, but ill leave this open for now, as my machine hasnt been running at its best since the router installation.

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