New router for Cable connection????

  londonmike 21:31 03 Nov 2007

Hi. I'm a Virgin Media customer with a 20Mb cable modem connection. VM have supplied a new modem as my old one couldn't support a 20Mb connection. Line speed test software confirms that the average download speed is 9.8Mb. VM say this is because I connect via a Belkin wireless router (I'm acutally connected via CAT5 cables to an ethernet card (I've installed the latest drivers)via the router, so not wirelessly.

Does this mean that to get a faster connection I would need to upgrade my router (if yes to what)??? Or does it mean I will only ever get a 10Mb connection despite the service being promoted as a 20Mb connection?

many thanks

  powerless 21:57 03 Nov 2007

Plug your computer directly into the modem. If you get close to 20mb then yes, look at your router. If you still get under 10mb then it's not your router.

However do this in the afternoon, early morning as peak times wll throw your speeds off.

You can check to see if you are on 20mb by checking your rate @ click here [this should open at your modems homepage].

p.s. you do have a 100mb or 1000mb [1gbps] LAN connection [look at your network card for supported speeds]? If it's a 10mbps card [and an old one at that] then this will also cause you a problem.

  mgmcc 08:40 04 Nov 2007

This is the second time I've heard of someone with a Belkin router getting only a 10Mbps download speed from a 20Mbps Virgin Cable connection. In the previous case, the PC and router were definitely connecting at 100Mbps, which makes me suspect that the WAN connection between Router and Modem is only running at 10Mbps, but I don't know how you can check that for certain.

  mark2 18:53 04 Nov 2007

click here has a list of routers that did and didn't work with 10mbs initially. There were a number of routers that only have a 10mb WAN port

  londonmike 20:20 04 Nov 2007

Hi folks. Thanks for the replies. My ethernet card is a Realtek 8139 which their website tells me supports 10 and 100. I remembered that I had a Netgear GA311 which supports 10/100/1000. I installed this and the drivers ( although for some reason Win XP shows it as a Realtek RTL8169 Gigabit ethernet card).

The average download speed is now about 11Mb (with a peak at 12.2Mb) with the router in place. I directly connected the modem to the card and ran a speed test via A download from Maidenhead peaked at 15.8Mb and from Paris 19.5Mb !!!

So via the router the speed is slower but the Netgear ethernet card seems to be doing the job on a direct connection. My Belkin router is a 802.11g Model 125HSM. Would a replacement router increase performance? If so any recommendations?

  londonmike 20:25 04 Nov 2007

By the way Powerless I clicked on the link to check the rate:

Model : WebSTAR EPC2100R2
Rate : 20480000 bits/sec

  simonwatz 22:25 16 Jan 2008

Download speeds are Dependant on the host connection so if the server you are downloading from only has a 512k uplink and you have a 20mb down speed it won't make any difference what so ever.
The line speed test software says your average is 10mb for that specific reason.
It isn't false advertising because you do have a 20mb connection that you are paying for if you really want to test out your connection try downloading a largish file from the Microsoft site I have 8mb and I can get full throughput from the Microsoft site.

  pchelper001 15:03 17 Jan 2008

try getting a netgear cable router, as i find that netgear can get the fastest connections from a cable line.

take a look here: click here

my friend has one of these and a vm connection and he uses thins and a netgear ethernet card and wirelss laptop and gets around 15mbs.

  pchelper001 15:04 17 Jan 2008

sorry not 'thins' i mean 'this' ahh i cant type!

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