New Router

  flaz1984 11:27 27 Dec 2004

I have a D-link DI-604, which isnt working correctly, so I am wanting to buy and install a new router.

Will i need to uninstall the existing router in any way, (apart from unplugging it). If so how will i uninstall it?


  fitcher 11:48 27 Dec 2004

I should not think so .has not the router its own memory .containing the facts to log on .thats why you take it to another computer one will press the small default button (on the router ).when starting it on another computer .remove any software and simply popp the new one on. instuctions that come with it tell you how ,.

  Forum Editor 11:56 27 Dec 2004

that isn't working properly?

Maybe it's something we can fix - routers don't have any moving parts, and most problems are caused by firmware configuration errors.

  flaz1984 14:00 27 Dec 2004

The problem with the existing router is that it will only recognise 1 of the PC's plugged into it, the other 1 that is connected cant access the internet through the router, however it can access the internet when plugged straight into the cable modem.

If you have any ideas what could be wrong, that would be great.


  BlueMeanie 16:42 27 Dec 2004

Just a thought..... Is the ISP cable plugged into the WAN socket and the two PC's connected into LAN sockets. Helped a neighbour with this problem. (You may need to reboot the PC's when the cables are corrected)

Regards, and the Compliments of the Season........

  georgemac 17:27 27 Dec 2004

how is the pc that can't connect to the internet connected to the router - using a cable or wireless adapter? (is it a wireless router?)

click here this site will have some useful info

click here I see it is a wired router and came supplied with one cable - where did you get the other cable from? It also has cable wizard diagnostic - what led's are lit when it is running

the router will probably be fine - there is most likely a problem with the cable or network adapter in the pc - or a network driver problem in the pc

  flaz1984 18:06 27 Dec 2004

I checked what way the cables are connected and they seem to be fine, thanks for the suggestion.

There are 3 lights on the front of the router lit up:
1. The WAN light
2. the first PC light
3. the second PC light ( one thats not working)

All three lights are flashing in sync with each other.

I bought the cable from a local PC store, the router has been working for over a year now.

Could it be that the cable has 'worn' out?

  georgemac 18:22 27 Dec 2004

if the light is on, the cable is working and the router can see the network interface card.

is there a software firewall running on the pc that cannot connect to the internet?

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