New Rig :D

  bobsock 13:46 19 Sep 2010

I am buying a new PC, used primarily for gaming.
I have concluded with 2 options, with relatively similar prices. I'm concentrating on the main pieces of equipment here, both come with the same optical drive, wireless card, hard drive and a free 6gb usb pen drive.

1 ---
- intel core i5 670 (2x 3.46Ghz)
- Asus P7P55D Deluxe P55
- 8GB corsair memory DDR3 1600
- Nvidia GTX480
- Scorpion HDT-S1283 cooler
- Power cool 650w
- win 7 home 64 bit

-- > £1287.48

2 ---

- AMD Phenom II 965 (x4 3.4ghz)
- asus M4A89GTD pro 890gx
- 8GB corsair DDR 1600
- ATI Radeon HD 5970 2GB
- Scorpion HDT-S1283 cooler
- Powercool 650w
- win 7 home 64bit

--> 1208.74

from what i can make out, the Phenom is quad core which will (in theory) be better for future game releases as they start utilizing all 4 cores. However the i5 has a better motherboard option, and most games are optimised for Nvidia cards.

what do you think?

  chub_tor 11:22 20 Sep 2010

my choice intel but you will get a better response if you close this thread in Absolute Beginners and re-open it in Games or Helproom.

  AL47 20:43 21 Sep 2010

your graphics card is overkill unless you run multi monitor

me, i hate nvidia, but thats a personal issue

ive never had a amd cpu but id go for a quad core i5 with turbo boost
and a 5870 ati gfx card.. again unless you run multi monitor or higher than 1920 resolutions.. and i hope that price includes a monitor!!

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