New RAM not recognised

  villagern 10:42 18 Jan 2008

Thought I'd give my ageing 256mb RAM a boost on my Celeron 1.7, so bought a 1GB PC3200 DIMM DDR 184 pins which should be compatible with my MicroStar MS-6533 motherboard. If I put it in the spare slot (motherboard has two) it's not recognised by comp which will boot up as normal with 256mb. If I replace the 256 with 1GB comp powers on but monitor won't work - I guess it's not booting properly? I would have put this down to perhaps having some faulty memory or having damaged it, but if I swap the 256mb into the other slot, computer also fails to boot. Could I have a faulty slot as well?? As far as I can tell the slots are identical, there's nothing to suggest they're numbered or different in any way.

Any insight appreciated.


  SANTOS7 11:04 18 Jan 2008

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run the memory edvisor tool from the link and compare the results with the module that you have to make sure it is compat with your mobo...

it is also conceivable you have TWO issues here (how unlucky would that be) wrong memory module and duff slot in mobo...

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if you can get PC to boot with both modules in you could try a memtest...

  villagern 11:22 18 Jan 2008

Thanks for your input. I did a local Crucial scan before I bought the memory which is why I thought there'd be no problems. Only issue is it's not Crucial, its a PNY module: I've read some boards are particular to certain brands, but couldn't find anything to tell me that was the case for my board. The only thing I might query is on the packaging it says 'Windows Vista Ready'; could that mean it won't like XP? I figured that would be irrelevant.

Memtest looks useful to know about, but as I say at the moment I can only boot with the one 256 module in its original slot.

I was hoping there'd be something obvious I'd overlooked rather than it being a dud memory and slot, if so, so be it.

  SANTOS7 11:31 18 Jan 2008

Might have to be a process of ellimination, but from what you have already said, the only generic fault is that both modules will not work in the spare slot,
is there any way you can test the new memory, another PC or local computer shop...

  Quiller. 11:32 18 Jan 2008

It's probably high density ram. On line traders are shipping out tons of it, but it just works in a few computers.

Is it high density?

  villagern 11:55 18 Jan 2008

@SANTSOS7 : Maybe I'll try and find a shop who can test it for me; don't know of another computer at the moment that I'm allowed to take apart :-)

@quiller: It doesn't make it clear about density. The nearest I can get is that there are 8 chips each side, each with the code ADP648TM - any chance that means 64x8? In which case that's low, right? This was bought in a regular shop.

  Quiller. 18:30 18 Jan 2008

That does look like low density, nothing from google on it.

Any other numbers?

Sometimes 64M can be a problem and it just works with 32M

  DieSse 21:45 18 Jan 2008

This is the MSI spec for your motherboard.

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It says it supports RAM up to 333MHz (on some versions), only up to 200MHz on other versions.

PC3200 is 400MHz RAM - so you may simply have been supplied with the wrong RAM modules.

  DieSse 21:47 18 Jan 2008

Here is the list for your motherboard of tested RAM modules.

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  DieSse 22:20 18 Jan 2008

Here is the Kingston page for selecting RAM for your motherboard.

click here=

You will need to know the exact model number - but I looked at modules for the first board in the list and it only shows modules up to 333MHz - which ties in with the motherboard spec.

  villagern 22:54 18 Jan 2008

Thanks for the extra advice.
I had read that motherboard spec, but either I was looking at something different or completely missed the bit about 333MHz; you may well be right DieSse. I thought since it was backwards compatible 400 would be OK but just run at the lower level.

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