New Ram

  vassilizaitsev 13:59 24 Sep 2007

I took someones advice and upgrade my ram to this 2gb.

click here

I've installed it and the system runs fine, but when i put it through its pace playing Medal of Honor airborne (or other online games), I usually get the blue screen of death after about 5 mins and my system reboots.

The Ram is in slots 1+2, if this is relevent.

Have i done something wrong? What could be the reasons behind this?

All help greatfully received.


  Technotiger 14:04 24 Sep 2007

Try the ram sticks in other slots, also make sure that they are properly seated.

Did you have any problems before upgrading the RAM?

  DieSse 14:40 24 Sep 2007

Are the original RAM and the new RAM identical types/speeds - a slight mismatch can often give strange intermittent errors.

Is your system using dual-channel RAM - in which case you will definitely want identical matching modules for stable performance.

  [email protected] 14:43 24 Sep 2007

My mobo requires dual-channel RAM to be installed in slots 1 and 3 (2 and 4 are currently vacant).
Check your mobo manual - it could be as simple as this ;-)

  [email protected] 14:46 24 Sep 2007

Have a read here:
click here

  wee eddie 15:02 24 Sep 2007


When did you last give it a blow-through.

  vassilizaitsev 15:05 24 Sep 2007

Thanks for all you help so far.

The new 2gb ram only works in slots 1+2 or 3+4. If i try them in 1+3 or 2+4 the machine will not boot. I had no problems before i upgraded.

No the Ram speeds are different. The old one was DDR 513mb 266mhz i think.

I belive that they are matching modules as they were bought as a pair from Crucial.

Ive no idea what Dual Channel Ram is to be honest. (sorry)!

What do i have to change in the bios to make it more stable? If that is that case.

Again thanks for everyones help so far. So for being a bit of a PC monkey!


  DieSse 15:27 24 Sep 2007

Can you tell us what motherboard you have please, and the specification of the new RAM.

I think from what you just said, you bought two new modules and took out the original one - is that correct?

You don't have to apologise for not knowing - even those of us who've done it for many years know our limitations (which are usually many ;-))

  [email protected] 15:45 24 Sep 2007

I have done a few memory upgrades and run into all sorts of problems ;-)
If Crucial did the scan and recommended what you bought, it is 99% certain it is correct.
OK - take the new RAM out and put the old RAM back in the slot(s) it came from.
Now try to boot the PC.
If it boots OK - replace the old RAM with ONE of the new modules in slot 1. Try to boot again.
That's enough for now - post your results.
I am assuming you know all about ESD (electro static discharge) and are taking all precautions ?

  vassilizaitsev 16:17 24 Sep 2007

My Motherboard is as above.

Yes Crucial did run the scan and suggested the Ram i bought.

The orginal was one stick, the new is two sticks of 2Gig each.

The sticks do work in slots 1+2 or 3+4 just when i play games online i get the blue screen effect after a while.

Is there anything i need to change in the bios settings?

Again thanks for all your input, i'd be completly lost otherwise.

  vassilizaitsev 16:19 24 Sep 2007

Oh and yes, im taking precautings, my dad had that chat with my when i was 13. (not sure what thats go to do with my pc tho?) ;)

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