New "QUIETER" CPU Heatsink Required!

  Ben Avery 16:54 07 Feb 2003


Can anyone advise on a heatsink (For an AMD Athlon XP 1600+ CPU) which doesn't sound like my PC is about to take off???

Currently installed is a Volcano 5 I think.


  Belatucadrus 17:01 07 Feb 2003

click here is a pretty good reference page, if you look at the individual coolers, they usually give the noise levels in dB(A) so you can choose the quietest. The Zalman range at the bottom of the page are supposed to be the best noise wise.

  MartinT-B 17:01 07 Feb 2003

Zalman click here

Zalman Flower CNPS6000-CU 'Silent' CPU Cooler (HS-000-ZA)
This amazing and beautiful new product is as versatile as it is effective. It will work on virtually any socketed CPU, AMD or Intel. Recommended for the new Athlon XP+ series processors and it will work fine for CPUs right up to the XP 2600+. The heatsink consists of 56 flat copper fins, compressed very tightly together at one one end and clamped between two aluminium blocks. An Ultra-Quiet 92mm fan is supplied with the product but it is not mounted directly to the heatsink. Instead, it is suspended above it using a cleverly-designed adjustable bracket which affixes to the PC chassis by sharing the two or three screws which are used to secure PCI/AGP cards. Taking this approach allows a larger fan to be used (92mm) which means the fan blades can rotate slower to produce a given amount of airflow, hence less noise. In addition, no vibration is transmitted from the fan into the heatsink which is again good from a noise point of view, and is also better for the processor itself.

  exodus 17:13 07 Feb 2003

The Zalman as Martin recommends is good, I use it myself.
More info click here

  Ben Avery 17:31 07 Feb 2003

Thanks all for your advice.


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