New PSU installed now monitor won't turn on - HELP

  Madtrex 20:56 17 Jul 2010


Last week I was playing World of Warcraft and then all of a sudden there was a mini explosion from my HD and everything went off. I realised my PSU had packed in and when i opened up my HD I didnt notice any damage to my MOBO, graphics card etc.

I bought a replacement PSU and installed it and plugged in all the wires as they were before. I had a new monitor which I also connected to my PC and then switched it all on from the wall socket. My PC came on without me pushing the on switch on my HD but with no beeps and the monitor went to sleep. I plugged in my old monitor and that went into sleep mode too.

I have checked inside my HD and all fans (PSU, CPU, Graphics card) are working and so is my hard drive and the lights on my disk drive are on.

Old PSU specs: Zoostorm model zoo-6300HP, ATX12V,
New PSU specs: PowerX2 std edition ATX-450204,

Graphics card specs: Inno3D 6600GT PCI Express W/128MB,

Motherboard specs: ECS elitegroup 915PL-A2,

If you need more specs then please reply and I will do my best as Im not the most technically gifted when it comes to PCs.

Thank you.

  rdave13 21:16 17 Jul 2010

Same mobo as myself. Sounds as it has died. Possible power surge from PSU. Bad news.

  Madtrex 21:31 17 Jul 2010

Thank you for the response Rdave13.

I don't have another PC to check if my motherboard is gone. Someone told me to reset my bios on my motherboard as I have installed a new PSU.

If my MOBO is gone then have I lost everything on my PC?

  rdave13 21:50 17 Jul 2010

HD means? What exactly?

  Madtrex 22:00 17 Jul 2010

By HD I mean my desktop.

Sorry my terminology not the best.

  rdave13 22:16 17 Jul 2010

Documents,music and photos can be recovered using a hard drive enclosure.
Unless anyone else on these boards can suggest any other repair then I think your mobo is dead.

  woodchip 23:07 17 Jul 2010

If it started without pressing on button the Motherboard is blown. Connect the Drive to another Computer that may still be okay, and you should get your files of it

  bgrave 00:32 18 Jul 2010

Some time back I had the lid of my desktop and I accidently touched the fan (it was on) with a screw driver; it made an almighty crack after which I had no monitor aciivity and I had to get another graphics board.

  Madtrex 00:45 18 Jul 2010

Would the graphics board have anything with me not hearing the beeps when my PC starts up?

I am more inclined to go with Woodchips assumption: "If it started without pressing on button the Motherboard is blown"

At no point did I even touch the fan on the graphics card. I just removed the blown PSU and put in the new one and connected all the wires back up.

If it is the motherboard then will I have to purchase a CPU is well?

  DieSse 12:28 18 Jul 2010

"If it is the motherboard then will I have to purchase a CPU is well?"

Maybe - maybe not. Same with all the parts in the system. Only testing each one will confirm what works and what doesn't.

I've seen systems where a blown PSU only needed a new PSU, up to everything was blown except the floppy drive (!). Normally somewhere in between - quite commonly just the motherboard.

  Jameslayer 13:43 18 Jul 2010

Its impossible to tell without doing a step by step check of each part. Could just be the mobo or could have took other things with it.

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