New Processor/Heatsink - fitting....

  Phil930 15:26 28 May 2003

About to purchase the above two, an AMD XP2400 and a new heatsink/fan supporting this (a very modern quiet one too!!)

my only problem is heatsink paste...does this come applied to new heatsinks or on the top of the processor? if not, how do i apply this and where do i apply it as i have never had to fit the paste before...

i took it for granted that it would be already applied....

  The Sack 15:30 28 May 2003

As a rule it comes with the HSF, if it is a TIM it will be a square pad on the bottom of the heatsink, just peel the plastic off and fit the sink, if it is paste make sure you place a thin film ON THE CORE of the processor only, dont get hooked up on fancy greece like Arctic Silver III etc, the price doesnt warrant the 1 or 2C drop you might get.

check out the video on the bottom of this page click here for a visual description of what to do.

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