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  iqs 17:30 06 Mar 2007

emachines 5210 win xp 2.5ghz

I currently have a thread running regarding an ideal graphics card.
Apart from the usual suggestion,a number of forum users recommended I change my power supply and possibly my processor.

The power supply is not an issue,the processor...

I have fitted an RS3M motherboard running a P4 2.5ghz processor.I would like to upgrade to 3ghz to 3.4ghz P4.Is this possible?.
Can anyone remommend a compatible processor please.And what should I be looking for,spec.

The following is from the manual...

Intel Pentium 4 processor in the mPGA 478 pin package.

Sorry for posting another thread.If I'm going for a major upgrade, I may as well ask all the questions in one go.


  Madscot_uk 17:49 06 Mar 2007

Well from the MSI website about that motherboard click here says you can go up to a P4 3.4Ghz so looks like its possible, looking round for socket 478 processors i found these on dabs, but only up to 3Ghz click here
i assume a 3.4Ghz one exists, ill have a deeper look

  Gongoozler 17:58 06 Mar 2007

I rather doubt that you will get a great improvement by changing from 2.5G to 3G. I generally go by the rule-of-thumb that to get a significant performance boost you need to increase the processor speed by 50%.

  bennyhillslovechild 17:59 06 Mar 2007

There were certainly 3.4 P4's available in the 478 flavour as it's what I had in my old machine. I think they were the P4e (prescott core) and ran quite (very) hot on the standard intel heatsink/fan. If you find one to purchase, I'd highly recommend adding a few extra bunts to invest in a better cooler. Have a look at those from Zalman or Artic Freezer.

  jam500 18:04 06 Mar 2007

You will see an improvement from 2.5G to 3G, How do i know, I have just overclocked my 2.5G to 3G and it is a big improvement and now im looking for a 3G P4 with HT as mine has not got it and im going to overclock that too. Im not saying you should overclock as it is up to the indervidual.

  wjrt 18:45 06 Mar 2007
  iqs 17:08 08 Mar 2007

Thank you all for your help.Madscot_uk,the P4 you found on DABS,do you know if its HT ?.Cheers

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