New Privacey Browzar

  rawprawn 08:46 31 Aug 2006

Courtesy of this morning's Yorkshire Post By the founder of Freeserve. It is a browser that does not leave internet tracks and you don't need to install it, it runs from the downloaded .exe.
click here

  wolfie3000 09:03 31 Aug 2006

Just tryed it and its awfull it wont load half the websites i want and the others take at least 5 minutes to load.

5 Minutes is way to long to load
Anyone else had this problem?

  JayDay 09:12 31 Aug 2006

Worked fast for me both and opened within the blink of an eye. Extremely fast.

  rawprawn 09:13 31 Aug 2006

I have just tried it, no problem here either on google or this site, although I can't really see the point unless you are worried your wife may see where you have been. As it says in the paper if you are on a shared computer perhaps at work and you have used it to visit a bank or something. Then it could be worth it

  wolfie3000 09:23 31 Aug 2006

Iv got no problems with privacy my girlfriend uses the pc also but i dont go into "dodgy sites"

maybe its just my computer setup that this browzar doesnt like.

  rawprawn 09:28 31 Aug 2006

I wrongly phrased my reply to you. When I said "You" I meant the public in general, not you personally. I hope I didn't upset you.

  wolfie3000 09:36 31 Aug 2006

no probs rawprawn :)

  JayDay 09:41 31 Aug 2006

I too wonder at how useful this app would be. Even if you were a dodgy site visitor you would need a pretty good memory as there is no facility to bookmark websites.

The most beneficail use would be if you saved it on a USB drive and used it at work to visit your bank/ebay etc where you didn't want traces left on the work PC.

  rawprawn 12:02 31 Aug 2006

I think you are right, that would be the only reason that I could think of for using it. I think maybe the Yorkshire Post made a big thing out of it because he comes from Yorkshire, and was the founder of the successful Freeserve.
He Ajaz Ahmed, says it will do for surfing what EBay did for auctions??

  Belatucadrus 15:30 31 Aug 2006

Looks like it's based on Mozilla as it didn't trigger my firewall and when I went to Amazon, it clearly used the Firefox cookies as it opened on my account, no problem with no additional input.

  rawprawn 16:14 31 Aug 2006

I have just tried it again it didn't open my Amazon account, but it is very quick

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