new printer/all in one

  pasta bake 20:16 04 Nov 2006

any ideas of what to buy.fairly cheap would still prefer but hey ho?

  FatboySlim71 22:31 04 Nov 2006

I have recently purchased the HP Photosmart C3180 and its absolutely fantastic I am over the moon with it, everything it does is excellent, I would highly recommend the HP Photosmart C3180 for anyone in the market for a 3 in 1, especially now the price has dropped on it. I have owned around five 3 in 1 printers and this easily beats any of them. You can get the HP Photosmart C3180 for under £70 or cheaper now.

Has I have mentioned I have owned around five all in one printers, these were either Epson (I always found these problamatic for the print heads clogging up) I have owned two Canons (both of these failed just after the 12 month warranty with major printhead failure)

The thing that made me decide to get the HP printer other than the good reviews was that HP printers have a printhead built into the ink cartridge, so this means that everytime you change the ink cartridge you are changing the printhead also, so the printhead will then only be as old as the cartridge and not as old as the printer. The only downside to the printhead been incorparated into the ink cartridge is that it makes the ink cartridges more expensive, saying that though I got a black and a colour off Amazon for £24, which I didnt think was too expensive considering these cartridges were original HP cartridges and also the cartridges have quite a bit of ink in them, just bear in mind that the ink cartridges that are supplied with the printer when its new are only partly filled, I am still using these same cartridges after around 5 weeks and still have just under a quarter of a tank left and this is with doing a lot of printing as well. I really cannot recommend the HP Photosmart C3180 enough.

This is the review I wrote on it,
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  pasta bake 11:37 05 Nov 2006

Thx for a such a positive recommenation.Unfortunately i'm a little bitter at present as the HP 1500 allin one series stopped working after 4months.Seemingly my problem was not an isolated one.Wheni typed in the product in google i found many with the exact same issues.I took it back a few days ago and got full refund.So have you had yours long?

  birdface 11:45 05 Nov 2006

Hi, There is alway Lexmark.But cheaper buying a new printer than buying new ink cartridges.

  Totally-braindead 12:37 05 Nov 2006

I've not had a problem with Epson printers clogging up. I can only put this down to using it every week. I think if you buy one and it sits unused for long periods this is when you may have problems. I have 2 Epsons a 680 printer which I have had for perhaps 6 years and now I also have an Epson DX3800 all in one, both run on compatibles.
I must say though that the print quality on my DX3800 is poor when compared to my aging 680 printer. Both are slow and both are quite noisy but speed is not an issue for me and since I don't do a huge amount of printing then noise isn't much of an issue either.
I've seen a few HPs and been quite impressed with their speed, quality of printout and quietness but the Epsons cheaper to run and I'm use to it. You can't get the DX3800 anymore and its just as well as I couldn't recommend it. I would avoid Lexmarks and Dells (which are rebadged Lexmarks) the printouts are good but compared to all the others on the market they are far too expensive for cartridges.

  Andsome 12:45 05 Nov 2006

I have always used only Epsons with NO trouble at all. Hove, on Saturday I went out and bought a new Epson Stylus Photo R340. So far I have failed to persuade it ti print. Everything checks out fine, and all ink tanks show as full. Roll on Monday morning when the helpline opens.

  Probabilitydrive 13:39 05 Nov 2006

I have an Epson CX6400, and it is meanwhile an old warhorse. Epsons are robustly built, you can throw any compatible cartrige in them (although a pop up warns you, that you are not using an origiganl EPSON cartrige-easily disabled.

Recently, I discovered, that the top ende of my printpaper had a black strip to it. Discovered, that lots of dust clogged up the iniards of the printer, which leaves the question: Should I vaccuum clean more or should EPSON finally design a printer for a bachelor pad?

  Diversion 14:56 05 Nov 2006

I have the Epson CX6600, and dust is the main culprit for clogging those inkjets. So I always remove the top sheet of paper from the feeder tray in case it has any dust on it, especially if the printer has not been used for a day or two. And depending on which type of vacuum cleaner you use some actually create more dust than what they pick up as far as computer equipment is concerned.

  Probabilitydrive 18:37 05 Nov 2006

Diversion, thanks for the tip. you just reminded me that its not good enough to think, just because you have the equipment it should work the same way when you unpacked it the first time round.
I just had a look down the air intake grid of my comp and yup,-it was full of fluff.

Sometimes the obvious just gets overlooked. tha for a timely reminder Diversion.

  pasta bake 20:57 09 Nov 2006

just bought HP all-in-one photosmart C4180 and all is good.Hope it does not stop working in six months like the last one did. Plus it onlt cost me £70.I will bear in mind all of the advice given in this thread. cheers. feel free to ask me how the machine is doing in 3months

  FatboySlim71 22:23 09 Nov 2006

Im sure you will be happy with the C4180 as its the same printer as the C3180 (which is what I own) and this is an excellent printer, there is a couple of suggestions I raised in my review of the C3180 regarding some scanning settings, not sure if there was anything else settings wise, but I can imagine these settings applying to the C4180 as they should come with the same software, but if you read my review I do mention what these settings are and what difference they made,it might be worth you rerading the review as these settings certainly made a big difference to the scanning quality. This is my review.

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