New Printer needed

  Migwell 09:20 25 Nov 2007

I have been using a HP 970 cxi printer for color photographs for some years now. I have been very happy until now but it seems to be giving up the ghost, and I think it is going to need to be replaced soon.

What recommendations do you have?

I would like CD printing and cost effective printing for definate, Duplex printing, if possible but not necessary.

I have been looking at the first one on the list but will consider others, what do you think?

1) Canon pi4500
2) Any Epson of similar spec.
3) Any HP of similar spec.

Please don't think about Lexmark as they are to expensive to run, and have never considered them for my needs.

Thanks Migwell

  Taff™ 09:42 25 Nov 2007

The Canon Pixma IP 4500 looks a good choice to me. I`ve used the IP4000 for nearly a year and I`m very pleased with it. Friends have bought the IP4300 and are also very satisfied. CD Printing is excellent and photo prints are a very acceptable quality.

  FatboySlim71 09:47 25 Nov 2007

I would stick with HP if you have been happy with them. I have owned an HP printer now for over 12 months and I have to say that it is the best printer I have owned, I have never had a single printing problem with it, where as with the Epson and the Canon printers I had owned previously, I would have had loads of printing problems over this same period.

The link below should provide you with a choice of some that will meet your needs.

click here

  Migwell 10:27 25 Nov 2007

Thanks to FatboySlim71 though I didn't mention it I have a new Canon scanner and just need a printer without scanner.

I have had in the past an Epson color but that was a long time ago back in 1994. The heads finally blocked up so I changed to a HP 970cxi. For the first six month I nothing but bother with the paper mechanism and the cartridge movement motor, but the problems were finally resolved when HP twice changed the printer way back in 1999. Things have been OK since then.

After the quality results of my new lide25 Canon scanner over my old Epson 1250 Photo, I must admit to having an interest in going towards the Canon pi5400, but I am also open to the view of others if they have had problems with those printers and feel that something else way out shines them. I admit I do like reliability in a product and get very upset when things go wrong.
However I know nothing is built like a Churchill tank any more.

Any further thoughts will be welcome.

  Migwell 10:30 25 Nov 2007

Wonder if you spotted the mistake? It should read Canon PI4500 and not PI5400

  ribo 10:49 25 Nov 2007

I have just bought a Canon iP4500.
I already have an HP Photosmart 7960.
For printing photos I find that the HP gives better results.The Canon is acceptable, until I print the same photo using both.
The printing of CD's on the Canon, which I do not have on the HP is very good.
The Canon is very compact and nice looking.
That is my experience for what it is worth. J

  DANZIG 13:09 25 Nov 2007

I've got a HP Deskjet 5940. It gives excellent results whatever I print out. The quality I get on photographic prints is excellent right up to A4 size. The amount I do also gives me the idea that it is very economical to run as well - a damn sight better than the old Epson thing I had when I first got my PC - that was rubbish compared to the one I have now.

  stylehurst 13:33 25 Nov 2007

I was in a situation similar to yourself, and settled on the Epson R285. Reasons for this choice are as follows:
I wanted CD printing facility
I wanted separate cartridges for each colour
I did not want to have to swap out cartridges for photo printing as I found that the swapped out cartridge tended to dry out.

So far been very pleased with my choice

  Migwell 16:39 25 Nov 2007

Any more, keep going it's getting interesting. Though I still haven't made a decision yet.

I had a walk to PC World to see what they had to say and the sales advisor came out with the cannon PI4500 on top, next was the R285 Epson and then HP photosmart 1760, the Canon because of the resolution, the Epson R285 because of the running cost, he nod not say a lot about the HP. I still have an open mind.

  FatboySlim71 22:27 25 Nov 2007

I have to say that out of the various makes of printers I have had, I have had two Epson's (these both lasted about 16 months or so then had print head failure)

I have had two Canon's and they suffered the same fate as the Epson's.

The Canon and the Epson were not a match (by a long way) on the print quality of the HP Photosmart C3180 that I purchase over 12 months ago. I also find my HP has a better scanner on it than both the Canon and the Epson had. If you are interested I wrote a review on the HP Photosmart C3180, for which I have provided the link to below.

click here

  hssutton 23:06 25 Nov 2007

Ok, just to confuse matters I have the HP Photosmart 8450, and have just bought the Canon Pixma MP610. and in a side by side comparison of the same photo direct from PS, the Canon is a clear winner

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