New Printer needed

  hinny 13:42 13 Feb 2005

I need a new printer, I have an HP 720 at the moment. I use it for photos and correspondence, can any one recommend a good one, I can go to £120-150, and I wonder which ones are ecomonical on ink cartriges. Any help will be much appreciated. Cheers

  stalion 14:35 13 Feb 2005

have a browse here many to choose from click here

  hinny 18:50 13 Feb 2005

Thanks Stalion, have been there (I look there first if I am wishing to buy things), unfortunately it does not tell me which one to go for. Thanks anyway

  mattyc_92 18:52 13 Feb 2005

PC World website??? click here

  Modo 19:02 13 Feb 2005

For correspondence you need a Laser - far more economical.

For Photos in your price range - if not full stop - you need an inkjet. Inkjets are cheap to buy for the hardware you get becuse they make money selling you ink.

For photo printer reviews this UK site is in a class of its own

click here

Unless you are doing a lot of photos it may be better value to buy a laser and take your photos to a prnter - they get cheaper paper and ink so the price difference when you analyse it is surprisingly small.

  [email protected] 19:05 13 Feb 2005

Hi hinny. I have just bought an EpsonStylus Photo R300, and with Kodak and Epson's own paper I am very, very impressed with the results. It's also a stand/alone so you can plug your camera via usb if you wish and it also reads about 4 different cards plust bluetooth. 7 cartridges so no more junking a single colour cartridge because only one of the colours is finished, plus a few other bits I can't recall. Not sure of the UK price but here in France it was €140 [approx £100 perhaps]. Have a look here
click here

  Jeffers22 19:24 13 Feb 2005

With that sort of budget you could surely get a Samsung ml1510 laser (£39.95) and a decent photo printer - Epson Stylus C86 Photo (£83) and have the best of both worlds. If for your photo printing you are after the absolute tops in quality, you may need to spend the entire budget (or close to it) on that.

  hinny 09:59 15 Feb 2005

Jeffers22, I only have limited space on my desk, so I need a printer that does both jobs, The Hp 720 has been good but I have had it a long time so as things progress I thought I might have a change, the Epson R300 is looking good so far.
Cheers everyone.

  wallbash 10:10 15 Feb 2005

Had Epson for years i.e the 500 then 600 ... 750 a real fan , but then changed to the Canon. Bought a i865. ( no longer easily available) and have set up a canon 3000. Why? Noise!I find canon just as good but the drop in the sound is very marked.
My recomandation now , the Canon.

  bananaslik 10:39 15 Feb 2005

Hi hinny my mate has the epson R200 & it's great u can print straight onto the discs.I have recently read an article about the future HP printers,,it says that the new printers will be regional & u can only use the cartridges from the same region.Or to put it another way, you cannot buy a printer from abroad(even though it it may be cheaper)because you would not b able to get the carts for it in this country,the carts that r issued in this country will only work on printers bought in this country.And vis-a -versa buy the printer in this country & u cannot send abroad for cheaper carts because they won't work in this countries printers.

  Alan H E 11:13 15 Feb 2005

Recently bought Canon ip4000 & am impressed - PCA mag also recommends ip3000. Separate ink tanks for all colours.

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