new printer and ME

  gingepaul 17:58 17 Jan 2004

hi all, a friend of mine had just bought a new printer,but its not installing properly.

she has connected with parralel cable and has the driver disc, all seems well untill the set up needs to scan for the printer, at which point it just keeps on searching. cant find it.
i suggested to her to get a usb card [usb 2] as she has no onboard ports, but will it be compatable with ME? never used it u see, was warned off, lol.

the printer is an epson c64.

  Jester2K 18:02 17 Jan 2004

I would download the latest drivers from Epson (click here) and use those. Always works for me with Lexmarks and Epsons...

  Mango Grummit 18:37 17 Jan 2004

Jester2K is right ---- I use Me with a C64.

  gingepaul 18:47 17 Jan 2004

nice one fellas, ill try ir tomorrow, if it dont work i'll get the usb card, is that how u connect?

  AndyJ 19:34 17 Jan 2004

I would also check that you have a bi-directional parallel cable and that the BIOS is set to EPP.

Did you follow the book, particularly on whether to install the software before connecting printer, or after?

  DieSse 20:23 17 Jan 2004

Epson usually recommend ECP for the parallel port setting - as do HP.

  Mango Grummit 14:09 13 Mar 2004

nice one fellas, ill try ir tomorrow (sic)

How'd it go?

  gingepaul 15:49 13 Mar 2004

the cable im using was fine for the older printer, so should be ok? but i didnt know about that setting in the bios, cheers mate. i'll have a look when i go round next.

  gingepaul 17:29 16 Mar 2004

i'm going round to have another look tommorrow, just wanted to get a few things straight.
is there a way of telling if the parralell cable is bi directonal? (only really used usb).
and where in the bios will epp setting be, or what will be the alternative settings so i can look?

book was followed, but i'm suspecting now its either the bios setting, or cable, mainly because the old printer was OLD, and same with the cable.

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