New Printer - All in one or dedicated?

  Border View 22:55 21 Apr 2004

I have a four year old Lexmark Z31 which is as slow as snail mail. Cartridges have just run out and pricing replacements the prices are as the last time quite expensive. Colour and Black and White run to about £52.

I am giving serious consideration to replacing said printer but:

(a) Do I go for a dedicated printer

(b) Buy an all in one printer scanner (currently have a Bearpaw 1200 Scanner - I know)

(c) If I do go for a replacement where is the best place to purchase said equipment.

Would appreciate your views. P.S. Didnt know whether to put this in Helproom or Consumer Watch.

  Border View 22:57 21 Apr 2004

I should have said that I dont do a lot of photos - price of photo paper is a bit too expensive. But I do like to print off reports with colour inserts.

I run Windows 98SE and have an 800 mgh 128 RAM and 30 GB HDD with only 20% taken up.

  Diodorus Siculus 23:02 21 Apr 2004

Go for a dedicated printer unless you do a lot of scanning - the scanner you have is ok (a friend of mine has one that came free with a PC and it is not bad really). Best place to buy it? Where it is cheapest I suppose... click here might find one for you.

  spuds 00:14 22 Apr 2004

I have just retired a old HP 590 OfficeJet [4in1]. Never had a problems with it, and would have recommended it to anyone. The replacement was a Lexmark X83 [4in1] which I was not very happy with, so I changed it for a Lexmark X5150 [4in1]. I paid about £140 for this, but places like PCW are selling these now for about £69.99.The X5150 is a great machine and works very well in all modes, but the cartridge supplies were rather expensive until I purchased via click here or click here . Would also mention that the cartridges capacity's for the Lexmark's are only 20 odd ml were the HP's were nearly double the quantity for the same price.So it maybe better to look at the Epson or HP range for better economy.

I have a couple of scanners,as stanby's, but I do not use them, since having the 4in1's.

I also use a Samsung Laser, but this only produces black and white printouts.

  Border View 08:47 22 Apr 2004

Many thanks for that information. Will do some more research.

PS Noticed I didnt get the usual e-mail to say that someone had responded to my posting. Has this service ceased or is it my ISP being slow again delivering e-mails?

  Agent Smith 08:57 22 Apr 2004

My only misgivings regarding all in ones is that if one part fails you could lose the lot. I also prefer to use a printer with separate ink tanks so that you only need to replace the ink that has run out. Maybe I'm just tight but I prefer to think of it as resource management.

  Border View 10:07 22 Apr 2004

I have tracked down a factory refurbished Canon Smartbase MPC200 for £94. Staples sell Jet Tec cartridges 3 colour £6.70 and Black £3.99.

Have read up specification for this Smartbase and its Says USB interface is USB2 Full Speed. My computer is almost four years old and only has two USB 1 ports.


(a) Will this this machine work with my system through USB1 port

(b) Does anyone have experience of the Canon Smartbase MPC200

Would appreciate your comments.

  computernerdiamnot 10:32 22 Apr 2004

Hi Barmoor yes it will work but you wont get the usb2 speed just the usb1 speed if your lookink for a crisp good printer try the canon i350 it is four ink but prints like a six ink machine and ink is cheap cheap cheap even the originals.


  computernerdiamnot 10:35 22 Apr 2004

FOR A reveiw click here and becaues you have a scanner already that is why i posred the thread upabove.

  Border View 11:43 22 Apr 2004

Many thanks for coming back to me. Your comments and pointing me in the direction of click here is much appreciated.

  computernerdiamnot 12:08 22 Apr 2004

look here for ink for i350 click here compare some of the prices of ink for diff printers before you make your choice.

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