New port panel for a new M/Board.

  Sparkly 15:36 09 Feb 2006

Hi guys this may seem like a silly question but bear with me! my son has bought a new case,motherboard and other items the motherboard came with a new port panel but the panel on the case is a good fit,is there a knack to getting the old one out (i didnt want to be to brutal and damage anything) allso in the box with screws and the M/B standoffs is a speaker ground switch(4 pins)what is it for?
Many Thanks.

  Smiler 16:21 09 Feb 2006

As far as th panel goes it should push out quite easily.The ground switch is probably for the case speaker.

  Totally-braindead 17:50 09 Feb 2006

Are you sure its a switch Sparkly, I just bought a new case before Xmas and it came with a small circular item looking a bit like a minature polo and it is actually the case speaker.

  Sparkly 18:40 09 Feb 2006

hmm not sure on that Totally-braindead it is a small circular pot looking item with a black and a red wire coming out of it about1 and half inches long with a 4 pin female connector on the bottom of it there is a circle with a + sign in it.????

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:43 09 Feb 2006

The device you describe is the motherboard speaker, the one that beeps after post during the boot process.

  Sparkly 18:47 09 Feb 2006

Hi Mr Mistoffelees thanks i will pass this on.
Cheers guys.

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