New plaything a cast off old PC beyond me already!

  six-h 00:15 23 Jul 2010

I've been given an old PC to play with!
It's a "Planet Micro" Virgo machine running an AMD Sempron 2400 1.67GhZ CPU and 192MB RAM.

When I switched it on, there was a downloaded update waiting to install, it was dated December 09 for the MS malicious software removal tool and I allowed it to install.
It has evidently been used on a virgin internet setup, and the Virgin "Wireless Manager" has detected a problem! lol, no connectionbecause
I'm on TalkTalk but somehow it seems to have established a connection though I can't imagine how since I can't see any evidence of a wireless card and I've not connected an ethernet cable!

It must have connected because it then informed me it was ready to install SP3 !!!
Once completed, sure enough, IE6 had been replaced with IE8...but I can't connect as it tells me there is no connection!

The only alert in Device Mgr is for the "SiS 300/305/630/540730" display adapter.."This device cannot start (Code 10)"
Troubleshooter tells me to uninstall, but if I do that won't I lose the display?

There seems to be no obvious entry for a wireless card, so how has it contacted the net?

  DieSse 00:50 23 Jul 2010

It hasn't. The download was clearly made before you had it - when there was a net connection.

Now it just wants to be installed.

Perhaps the previous owner simply kept refusing to install updates?

  six-h 01:06 23 Jul 2010

Thanks DieSse, I thought I was halucinating!

I'll have to check the MB and see if I can find a wireless card from one of my dead machines to fit but meanwhile I'll dig out a lan cable to get it up to date, protected and clean.

Still stumped re the display adapter!

  morddwyd 07:22 23 Jul 2010

I find computer problems difficult at the best of times.

It's how you guys can crack it at one in the morning which is beyond me!

  six-h 21:33 24 Jul 2010

Hi David, I've been struggling with this machine!
First the driver issue.
Tried your solution but it said Microsoft cannot find a suitable driver!
Been on the SIS website and their scanner has given me several drivers for the various chipsets in the machine...I don't know which are likely to be needed and which will turn it into a doorstop!

Talking of which, I installed MSE for a change from AVG...mistake....huge mistake!

The HDD never stopped spinning, the firewall was turned off at each boot, as was MSE, it was impossible to get either of them to switch on until many, many attempts had been made.
The time from logging in to the main account to it being "useable" was in excess of half an hour, and no I'm not exagerating.
Ditched it and installed AVG, and the machine has perked up considerably.

Graphics are the main problem at the mo. using 64MB of the installed 256MB of RAM.

Any one know if I can swap the current stick of 256MB DDR PC2700 for two of 256MB DDR PC3200 which I have available, and will it run at the faster speed?

  six-h 15:25 26 Jul 2010

Still struggling with this old PC.
Thankfully, AVG works where MSE didn't!
Confused regards Memory,
SIW tells me there is 256MB of PC3200 DDR2
The stick itself is labeled PC2700.

Crucial scan doesn't say which, but confirms that there is 256MB present and that it will accept either PC2700 or PC3200, and it can be mix and matched.

Would you believe the label, or SIW?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:32 26 Jul 2010

Any one know if I can swap the current stick of 256MB DDR PC2700 for two of 256MB DDR PC3200 which I have available, and will it run at the faster speed?

leave in all tree sticks, it will run at the speed of the slowest stick but more memory is better than the slight reduction in speed you'll never notice.

  woodchip 16:09 26 Jul 2010

Why not just use a USB WiFi Dongle?

  six-h 16:48 26 Jul 2010

Thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\, but since there are only two slots, I'd best put 2 of my PC3200 sticks in because I still can't identify if the existing one is PC2700 or not, at least that'll give me a massive 512MB @ PC 3200...less what ever I've got to share with Graphics!

woodchip, my old wi-fi card won't fit, so I'll leave the purchase of a dongle to the next owner if they don't like the LAN connection.

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