New PC133 Ram, PCChips Mobo, booting problems.

  duplo 19:06 05 May 2003

My father had a machine buiolt for him a few years ago, a very basic system.

It has a Intel P111 Chip, at least that what it said it was, although now I am told its a celeron and he had overcloked it or something.

The ram frequency was set to 66, but the mainbord is PC100.

The new ram is a 256MB stick of PC133, the old one a 128MB of 133, which I had to take out anyways.

The problems: I booted up and it only saw 128MB of ram. I went into the BIOS and set the speed to 100Mhz, and ajustred the CPU multiplier so that it remained at 500mhz.

I now boot up and nothing happpens, the monitor stays on sleep, and the Machine starts but nothing seems to happen.

I think I should just reset the bios... and hope it works? I went to the MOBO website- its jumper 5 clears the Cmos memory.... is that what i want to do, it sounds like I am clearing it completely... I just want to reset! ??

Is that right? Cheers!

  duplo 19:22 05 May 2003

Will taking the battery out do the trick? I had to download the manual, I am not 100% which MOBO it is and the manual is for a differnt one... i know its a PCCHIP one and the era...

If I take the battery out and then put it back will that clear it?

  DieSse 19:37 05 May 2003

The jumper just resets it - exactly what you want to do.

If the processor is a Celeron, it may use a 66Mhz bus speed if it's an early version, or 100MHz for later versions.

Many older boards will not take the full capacity of current RAM modules - because of the type of chips used on them, it only registers half the capacity.

  duplo 19:42 05 May 2003

thanks... i know celerons only run with a 66Mhz FSB... I thought it was a PIII since that is what it said!

Will reset the Bios! Thanks!

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