New pc for video/ music editing and watching films

  tidyrob69 18:10 16 Sep 2010

Hi, i've been doing some research into a new desktop and have got myself a bit confused about what i need.

I've bought a new hd video camera that says it needs a minimum 3.2ghz pentium 4 or faster processor, direct x 9.0c or later, 1gb of ram, and a video card with at least 128mb of ram.
i also have a game that has similar requirements.

I am also going to get photoshop and a music making/ editing program and i'd like a blu ray player or maybe even writer if they aren't expensive.

I was looking at desktops with the core i5 processor- would they be up to the job?

My budget is around 6 to 7 hundred.

Can anyone recomend an off the shelf pc?


  john bunyan 19:03 16 Sep 2010

Have a look here - many on the forum find them good.Do check they include Operating system and/ or monitor etc. I use PS CS5 on a lower spec machine. I would go for W 64 bit with at least 4Gig RAM and a good video card. I like to have a secon HD as a back up.5i fine.

click here

  Pineman100 17:02 17 Sep 2010

I echo what john bunyan has said. Photo editing won't be too demanding, but for video editing you'll need a big chunk of RAM - at least 4GB. And if you're planning to store much video on your computer, you'll need plenty of hard drive space, too.

Those Core i5/4GB/1TB deals look very suitable for you.

If you find a computer you like, but which hasn't got an OS, you'll need to budget less than £100 to buy your own copy of Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

  tidyrob69 21:47 19 Sep 2010

sorry for late response, i've been away all weekend.
Just looked at the pcs on the link you sent john. they look good. would the cheapest one be good enough then? it'll work out at 630 inc windows 7.
I saw this one below on ebuyer for £500 with windows.
click here
it has an i5 processor but says its 3.2ghz, does that mean its faster than the 2.8ghz on the irush pc, or is it not as simple as that? How does it work with processor speeds and cores?

  john bunyan 22:05 19 Sep 2010

There are others who will give a better response - will look again tomorrow.

  john bunyan 13:34 20 Sep 2010

As no one else has commented, this is my own personal view. I am not a gamer - high end games need the top spec. I do have Photoshop CS5 and i do a bit of music stuff with i Tunes and Roxio Creator 2010, plus the usual browsing, Word, spreadshhets etc.
If it were me, I would go for the 5i processor, a good video card, 4gig RAM,a X-Fi (or similar) sound card, I would prefer 2 500 gig HD's to one 1Tb one, as I like to clone my HD with Acronis true image, and unless you store a lot of video, 1Tb is a lot. I also have a TV tuner and a Media centre edidion as part of Windows 64 bit.Add an external HD for further back ups or storage.A good monitor is needed for photo editing.

  Pineman100 17:12 21 Sep 2010

I don't disagree with anything that John Bunyan has said. But as a general comment, I reckon that Zoostorm unit looks a good deal for your requirements. Just be aware (if you're not already!) that it has no monitor, and no wireless networking card. You would need to add both of these to your budget, if you want them.

Zoostorm is a well-respected name, and their computers have regularly been "best buys" in PCA reviews.

  tidyrob69 18:12 21 Sep 2010

cheers guys, i like the idea of the novatech ones as they have physical shops and a helpline. I've bought of ebuyer with no probs before but i've heard that if anything does go wrong they aren't so helpful. But the zoostorm is £130 less which could go to a bigger monitor.
I'm still a little confused about the processor speeds, is the i5-760 2.8ghz quad core quicker than the i5-650 3.2ghz dual core as it has double the cores?
and also does directx11 come with windows7?

  Pineman100 17:45 23 Sep 2010

My answer to your processor question is going to be based on my inexpert understanding - so don't take it as the irrefutable truth!

As I understand it, the computing speed of those two processors is more complex than simply reading the clock speed. It will depend on how many applications you have running at any one time, and how good those applications are at taking full advantage of multi-core technology.

So the bottom line answer to your question is (as with so many things!), "it depends".

But frankly, unless you're planning to get into a great deal of high-end gaming, I wouldn't be too concerned about the comparative processor speeds that you're considering, given the list of applications that you plan to run. Either spec should handle these without problems.

Again, as I understand it, Windows 7 comes with DX11. click here

  tidyrob69 20:54 25 Sep 2010

Yeah that makes sense pineman, i've also had a bit of a read up on processors too.
I've decided to go for the zoostorm i5 650 3.2ghz pc that has 4gb ram and 1tb hard drive.
It comes with windows already on it which saves £130 over the irush and i think the irush is a bit overkill for what i need. for the money saved i can buy a better monitor and surround sound for the money i would save.
I was a bit concerned about the aftersales with the zoostorm but after reading a few threads about them the general impression i get is that they are quite good and are also based in the uk.
Cheers for your advice though, it has helped me out a great deal.

  tidyrob69 22:39 15 Oct 2010

I decided to go for the zoostorm in the end. Using it as i type this. Really impressed so far, video playsback supersmooth and games don't freeze for the odd momoent like they used too. Trouble is now my internet speed is shown up as streaming hd vids is super slow.
I'm thinking of getting avid pinnacle ultimate 14 for the vid editing- anyone used it?

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