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  ThePoundDollar 13:46 05 Apr 2014

So I've recently built a new PC and I want to sort out the location for where the majority of things get stored. My PC has a 1TB HDD which has literally got nothing on it, and a 128GB SSD. My OS (Windows 8.1) is stored on the SSD, and everything I've downloaded so far has also gone on the SSD. Only thing is I don't want that to happen. So two questions:

  1. What should I store on my SSD (just programs)
  2. Can I move the 'Users' file onto my HDD?
  Jollyjohn 14:38 05 Apr 2014


I would create 2 partitions on the 1TB hard drive 100Gb Programs and the remainder data

Whenever you instal a program and get to choose the location for installation choose the 100GB partition

Follow these steps

a. Open up the Explorer (Windows Key + E). b. Expand Documents folder to see the folder My Documents in the sidebar. c. Right-click on the folder My Documents and click on “Properties”. d. Go to the tab “Location”. e. Click on the button Move. f. Navigate to the folder where you want to move your “My Documents” folder to. g. After clicking on Select Folder in we’re back on the folder location screen. Eventually, to move the My Documents folder, click on Apply. h. Confirm the prompt with yes if you are sure that you want to move the My Documents folder.

to move you docs, music etc.

Create the new folders on the 1TB hard drive before you start the above. Remember to alter your broswer setting for where to store downloads and they will go to the 1TB hard drive.

(Until I moved to Linux I always set up a windows pc with 3 partitions OS, Progs, Data and this protected my data when I had to reinstall windows. I needed to re install programs but my preferences where retained)

  ThePoundDollar 14:44 05 Apr 2014

So how do I create this new partition? I'm also going to be installing games so will I need to expand upon that 100GB?

  Jollyjohn 15:19 05 Apr 2014

To partition the hard drive either look in Admin tools - computer management - disk management and delete the single partition and create 2 new ones. Note this Delete everything currently on the drive.

Or download PartedMagic, burn it to a CD and boot from it. This method will not destroy data on the drive.

Note both options will take a good while to create the new partitions, at least an hour.

You can split the drive any proportions to suit. The game itself will not take up a huge space but the saved data from gameplay, upgrades etc will slowly expand.
The advantage of partitioning the drive is that the system will spend less time locating files on a smaller partition than the whole drive.

  ThePoundDollar 16:22 05 Apr 2014

So wait I've managed to partition the drive now and I've got one 200GB and the other 730GB (image is below). But I want to get the 'Users' file on one of these. So are you saying that I should store programs on the HDD and not the SSD, cause I thought it was faster on the SSD.

This is the what all the drives look like: click here is the actual file I want on a different drive as it contains all the user documents: click here


  Jollyjohn 16:47 05 Apr 2014

I would change general to F: and programs to E: because A is generally reserved for floppy drives. I know that floppy drives are not common anymore but programs may still have references to them and this may cause an issue.

You cannot simply move the User folder, that must stay on C: but you can move all the folders within users, refer back to my first reply.

With the OS on the SSD the system will be quick and with the games installed on their own partition of the hard drive there is no degradation in performance.

  ThePoundDollar 17:05 05 Apr 2014

Ah I see. But what I'm saying is should I put programs that I commonly use on the SSD. Things like Word, Powerpoint, Visual Basic.

  Jollyjohn 17:35 05 Apr 2014

Installing MS Office to SSD is OK as it will store any work created in My Documents which you will have moved to General

Games may store Saved Data in the same location as they are installed. (For example Codemasters driving games creates a folder in the same location which would be Programs in your case.) If you installed your game to your SSD it may be faster initially but as saved data etc expands and fills the drive it may slow performance.

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