New PC taking 10-15 mins to rip a cd, why?

  erkmatrix 14:16 22 Nov 2007

Just had a PC bought in September that had this spec Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 3.0 GHz 4Mb Cache, 4Gb Corsair Memory DDR 800, 500GB SATA Hard Drive, , 8025-C43 Midi, Atrix 800Watt Silent Dual Fan , 768Mb Nvidia 8800GTX graphics card DX10, QC - Gigabyte N680iSLI-DQ6-1333fsb-DDR1066x4 SLI (Dual graphics), DVD+/- RW - 18X Samsung Lightscribe, Floppy Drive - SILVER,

Just gone to put some of my cds onto my ipod and rip some cds and its unbelievable, its taking ages, even my slow laptop ripps cds quicker than this. What could be causing it. I'm running windows xp home and just downloaded the newest windows media player 11.

I would of thought a pc like this would of been speedy at doing something like ripping a cd, its all brand new a couple of months ago

  johnnyrocker 14:19 22 Nov 2007

any other progs running?


  erkmatrix 14:25 22 Nov 2007

No just the windows media player running, I'm so sick of computers though, you spend so much money and sometimes you end up with things actuaslly worse than your last one, my last machine ripped cds miles faster.

  MAJ 14:25 22 Nov 2007

Try the CD Ripper in dBpoweramp Music Converter, see if they rip any faster. click here

  erkmatrix 14:52 22 Nov 2007

No just as slow with that too, I think all it must be is the dvd/cd rom drive must be pretty rubbish as with my last one, you used to hear it speed it when you were ripping cds and the percentage was on average 10 seconds for each song, with this its more like 2 mins a song. it says its a 18x speed Samsung but when I look in my device manager Samsung (TSSTcorp) SH-S182M instead of 18 its more like 4X

  MCE2K5 14:58 22 Nov 2007

Have you updated the Firmware, Get it here click here
Firmware LiveUpdate

  MCE2K5 14:59 22 Nov 2007

Also what Bitrate are you using ?

  erkmatrix 15:04 22 Nov 2007

I'm ripping at 64kps bitrate to windows media audio, have no idea about what I should be doing it too. what bitrate is recommended. But it should still go fast for what I'm doing it at shouldn't it. Is there anyway I can go and check what speed my drive is doing it at, maybe its at the wrong setting I dunno

  FatboySlim71 15:18 22 Nov 2007

Basically the higher the bit rate the better the sound quality is, but the size of the music file will increase as a results, 64kps is very low.

  interzone55 15:32 22 Nov 2007

You're going to have problems playing Windows Media Audio (WMA) files on an iPod...

Upgrade the optical drive firmware, then check that the DVD drive software isn't setup for silent running, this is an option on some laptop drives and stops them going over 16x (CD speed, much slower than 18x DVD).

I use CD-EX for ripping CDs (click here) which is pretty fast, and will download track details from CDDB

  erkmatrix 15:34 22 Nov 2007

I've increased to 128kps spped seems the same though, downloaded the latest firmware too but not faster. Should I be able to hear the motor go of the drive, thats what I used to on my last one and it sounded like it was going fast, this one is ultra silent and speed is so much slower

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