New PC Startup

  Hrosir 10:18 02 May 2004

I have just finished assembling my new PC which is made up on an ASUS A7N8X DE LUXE motherboard, 80gb SATA HDD,ATHLON XP2800 processor and at the moment 512mb of RAM.On start up I received a tone followed by a beep which I assume is normal. However the hard drive does not seem to be detected although my CDROM is, also on the start up screen the cpu seems to be detected as an Athlon 1250mhz which seems odd. I did get a post message to say warning CPU changed.Lastly the cpu cooling fan does not appear to be rotating!;On the hardware monitoring panel the cpu temperature is showing as 60 c which seems to rise slowly possibly because the case fans are efficient? I am not sure what else is going to show but advice here would be much appreciated

  Hrosir 12:23 02 May 2004

This is going to sound really dumb, but do serial ata drives have to be in pairs. I have one installed but the boot up screen cannot find any hard drives and yes I am aware that IDE drives will show up. If this is the case I will need to purchase another SATA drive. In the mean time I will use a spare IDE drive.

  Rayuk 13:30 02 May 2004

You need to enter the bios and change the fsb setting for the cpu to 166 which will then show it as an 2800+.

Re the hard drive just instal Windows from the cdrom and durin the initial stages you will be prompted to press F6 to load sata drivers from a floppy,just do this and everything should be ok.

Just check that there isnt a jumper or bios setting to enable the sata

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