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  spgspgspg 21:42 17 Jan 2008

I have just bought a new pc without XP loaded as I already had a disk from my old pc. When I connect my screen (already owned), I see nothing on it. I received a motherboard disk with the pc but my assumption is that this has already been loaded as the cd drive seems to kick into life briefly when a cd is loaded and inserting the disk doesn't seem to do anything either. Inserting the XP disk also does nothing. Is anyone able to tell me what is going on and why nothing seems to be happening. I thought I would just start up the pc and load XP (which is what I thought I did to the last pc)
Thanks very much

  Joe R 22:27 17 Jan 2008


you will need to boot into the bios, (normally by pressing delete, F1 or F2, while booting) and set it to boot from CD. Normally this setting will be in advanced bios options.

One thing you should be aware of however, is that, if it is an OEM version of XP you have, Microsoft will not authenticate it, as it has been used on another P.C.

  Pineman100 15:13 21 Jan 2008

As your CD drive seems to show momentary signs of life when you switch on, it's possible that your BIOS has already been set to boot from the CD drive.

But in order to do this, the CD must already be in the drive when you switch on the computer.

Try this: switch on the computer, and ignore whatever happens. Once it has done whatever it wants to do, open the CD drive and put the CD in. Now switch off the computer.

Wait a few seconds then switch on the computer again, and do nothing else. If all is well, you should soon see the beginning of your Windows installation operation. Follow the on-screen instructions.

If that doesn't work, then you'll have to do as Joe R has suggested and get into the BIOS to tell it to boot first from the CD drive. Then switch off again (leaving the CD in the drive), then switch on again.

However, as Joe R has pointed out, if your Windows XP system disk came with another computer, it's probably an OEM copy, so Microsoft probably won't activate it.

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