New PC - rescuing data from old hard-drive.

  Cluelessone 20:01 11 Feb 2014

Finally gave up trying to rescue the old PC which won't boot for love nor money.

New PC arrives soon. Can I rescue my data by putting the old SATA drive into the new PC and copying across? Any complications?

I assume most files and photos should be straight forward to transfer, but what about all the data stored in Outlook?

  T0SH 20:23 11 Feb 2014

You may get an access denied or two, but keep at it until you recover your data

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:36 11 Feb 2014

If you do get access denied follow he instructions here

  larchwoodmark 21:00 11 Feb 2014

i used a hard drive docking station, plugged in after boot up.

no issues as your new pc will have booted from its internal drive, then should just read your old drive.


  Cluelessone 21:12 11 Feb 2014

Thanks Mark. considered this, but I imagine data transfer will be a lot slower via USB?

  Cluelessone 23:51 14 Feb 2014

OK, Shiney new toy arrived today, running WIN 8.1.

Old HD connected and its a no-show! I can hear it spinning but nothing at all appears in "disk drives" Tried a similar one instead, in case the first was literally a non-starter......same result.

Any ideas please, not including "Buy a USB caddy?"

  wee eddie 00:04 15 Feb 2014

I am assuming that you have invalidated the warranty of your new PC.

Did you remember the change the Hard Drive's "pin" designation to "Slave"

  peter2301 09:31 15 Feb 2014

His drive is SATA, they dont have PIN settings for slave, master etc

  Cluelessone 11:08 15 Feb 2014

"I am assuming that you have invalidated the warranty of your new PC."

Why assume that? Do you invalidate the warranty of your car by adding a child seat or a roof rack?? In any case I discussed it with the manufacturer and they described exactly how to do it, so I assume not.

  rdave13 11:42 15 Feb 2014

do you mean by "disk drives" that it's not showing under "this pc"? Try right clicking the start icon, bottom left and selecting Disk Management, if it's showing there then assign it a letter.

  rdave13 11:53 15 Feb 2014

As for caddies and speed, if you have usb 3 on your new machine I'd have a look at something like this. Transfer speed should be ok and you can keep your backups away from the PC.

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