New PC required

  Be polite 08:59 22 May 2003

I am renowned at work for having the oldest and slowest PC (it takes coal and is powered by steam). Everybody elses PC's are those flashy Flat-Panel types that run on electricity. I've been told that my PC is purfectly suitable for my needs but I am fed up with it as it so slow. What would be the most effective way of ensuring my current PC is beyond repproach and that there is no alternative but to buy me a new electric PC?

  Andsome 09:47 22 May 2003

Have it converted to gas or oil.

Seriously though, if you decide to buy new, go to a good local shop and have one built which exactly matches your needs. Just think, no premium rate helplines, no waiting for enginners that never turn up, no complaining about a problem only to be sent a component for you to fit yourself. You would almost vertainly take delivery within a week.

  Andsome 09:48 22 May 2003

I seriously wish that we could edit our own postings, for vertainly above, read certainly

  Gongoozler 09:49 22 May 2003

Hi Be polite. If your pc does what you want then it is fine for you. If you use it mostly for Office applications you don't need a high speed processor, but fitting more memory may enable you to run more applications simultaneously. Most pc's will work ok with a flat panel display if you just want one of those, the price of flat panel displays starts at about £200 for a basic 15inch model. Trying to keep up with the latest just to look good is expensive. This years fastest and flashiest is next years entry level spec. Tell us what you computer spec is, and what you use it for, and we may be able to tell you what would be a useful upgrade.

  Be polite 10:00 22 May 2003

Thank for the replies.
My PC is a PII 150MmHz, 64 RAM 4 Gb harddrive, 15" monitor. My employer has installed Windows 98 and Office 2000 professional plus about 20 other programmes need for work. I do mainly adminstrative tasks on the computer and some publishing (which takes forever to do).
My employer won't buy me a new PC though I feel less than efficient.

  graham√ 10:16 22 May 2003

If your PC is beyond reproach there is nothing wrong with it and it can't be blamed. :-)

  Gongoozler 10:22 22 May 2003

Hi Be polite. Your employers attitude is typical of many. Accountants see money spent on capital equipment as money wasted, whereas your time spent looking at an hourglass waiting for something to happen doesn't show on the books. Was there a PII 150? 64M RAM for Windows 98 system is certainly on the light side, 128M would be much better. In general if you see a lot of hard disk activity when the computer is processing data, you need more memory. If it just takes a long time, but without hard drive activity, you need more processor speed. A 4G hard drive should be ok if you save data to a network server, but if you are saving to the pc hard drive it may be getting full. I think a 15inch monitor for office applications is inadequate. A top quality 17inch monitor is only about £150. It may also be worth reminding your emloyer that if you spend a lot of time with a computer you are entitled to an eye test paid for by the company.

  Be polite 10:38 22 May 2003

Hi Gongoozler, I love the concept that I'm paid to stare at an hourglass, never really thought of it that way. I also seem to spend a vast amount of my day re-booting the PC as well as it crashes more times than Garuda Airlines. These are ver power arguements and I will put them to my facist-bully-boy employers shortly.

  jeez 11:23 22 May 2003

be polite, you could probably get a second hand pIII system for peanuts these days and you would certainly notice a big difference in speed. Scout through your local version of freeads (the yellow paper) and you'll be suprised at what can be had.

  expertec 13:46 22 May 2003

my local computer shop were recently selling second hand Dell systems, PIII 933, 128 MB RAM, 10GB HD, Sound Card & Network card + free 14" monitor all for £199, they also had some slightly lower spec for cheaper (PIII 500 for £89)

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