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  teak goblin 22:55 03 Jan 2006

hi guys,
this is my first post on this forum so if im in the wrong section im sorry,my question is a friend as just bought a new pc from a well known pc store, we were just talking about his new buy and i happened to mention the rescue/recovery disk and told him to keep it in a safe place, he told me that it never came with one and someone told him that he could install it from the hard drive as it is in a differrent partition does this sound right and could some tell me how you would install windows ( xp ) if anything went wrong with his current installation, hope this makes sense.

  Diodorus Siculus 23:23 03 Jan 2006

If yu give details of the new PC, someone will be able to tell you the procedure for making a rescue / backup disk.

Many new machines come like this nowadays.

  martjc 23:40 03 Jan 2006 will show as C: and D:.

If this is the case, the D: partition holds all the files for recovery. To effect a recovery, simply go to D:, find the setup file and run it. This will re-install Windows.

  teak goblin 23:49 03 Jan 2006

thanks for the replys, i cant tell at the moment the make of the pc but i could find out tomorrow,
so if the restore files are on the hard drive what would happen if the hard drive dies and you cant get into

  teak goblin 23:54 03 Jan 2006

hi martjc
so say d is where the recovery files are kept how do you get to that partition , do you have to go into the bios and tell it to bot from d drive

  Skills 00:10 04 Jan 2006

It depends on who's made the PC as different maufacturers have different ways of reinstalling from the partion.

Some for instance when you boot up the PC will have a message stating press ... for recovery. Some will have placed a cd image on the hard drive of your new computer which you then burn to disk using a program like nero which the allows you to boot and recover.

You have hit the nail on the head thou unless they provide you with an option to burn a recovery cd if the hard drive fails you have no way of reinstalling windows without a XP disk.

You could before the PC is used to much get a program such as acronis true image and create a image of the hard drive to disk. you can then use these to recover the PC back to the day you made the image. I cant see why you couldnt use those images on a new hard drive as well providing all the other hardware is the same. You can download a trial of acronis from there website click here although im not sure if the trial is fully functioning.

  teak goblin 01:24 04 Jan 2006

all i know at the moment is he got the pc from pc world

  woodchip 10:49 04 Jan 2006

Tell Him to buy "Acronis True Image" and make a Image of the C:\ Partition Before he as any Problems, which will be no far gone. The Image Backs up all Info on the C:\ Partition Includind Partition Information and Operating System and all Software and Files. This can be restore to the Time it was made in less than Half Hour faster some times, And only thing that would be lost if he restored it, would be any files he did not back up after creating the Image. The Image needs to go on another drive or CD's or DVD's

  martjc 12:21 04 Jan 2006 answer to your direct question to me:

Find the 'My Computer' icon, usually top left of screen. Right click it. Select 'explore' from the context menu. You should then see both partitions in the main window. You would probably need to copy the contents of D: to a fresh CDR disk.

As I said before, all the above is good advice, but we cannot see the machine in question; these are just general pieces of advice. Skills and woodchip both know what they're talking about. Follow their advice.

Take care.

  flaming 18:36 04 Jan 2006

I was a bit flummoxed too, with my new last year HP XP windows media player. A subsequently visiting computer engineer advised me that I should get a 'stick' which plugs into the computer. All the work you want to save can be transferred to that 'stick', which can then be unplugged and kept aside. I've got the said object, but am blowed if I can remember how to save my work. He put an icon on the desktop and I have some notes somewhere.... Is that a commonly used way of duplicating work I wonder, as no-one has mentioned that.

  teak goblin 19:30 04 Jan 2006

are you talking about a flash pen/pen drive /or usb memory stick ( they can be called any one of these ) they come in different sizes eg :- 128 mb or 256 mb so on and so on .
to transfer data put the pen into the usb port pick the file you want to save click on it then click on send to, pick removable storeage the file should go to your pen drive
hope this helps

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