new pc queery bought of ebay ????

  shauny36 12:25 17 Oct 2008

have just bought a new pc of ebay but think its not as advertised ebay No 350105829401

Athlon DUAL CORE AM2 5000+ 8GB/500GB & X1250 1GB GALAXY also says ATI RADEON X1250 1GB INTERGRATED WITH HYPOMEMORY so does this mean the graphics is onboard and not a separate card,

also when i have installed xp and checked the SYSTEM it only comes up with 4 gb not 8gb and i paid extra for branded (samsung) but ram has no name on .

any advice.

  MAJ 12:45 17 Oct 2008

Yes it appears to be an onboard graphics chip.

Take two of the memroy modules out, see if it still shows 4gig.

Some of the feedback for that company is not good, personally, I wouldn't buy from them.

  T I M B O 13:54 17 Oct 2008

Report them to EBay, and get ur pc from a proper supplier, getting anything from EBay is taking a risk

  Technotiger 14:26 17 Oct 2008

XP cannot see more than 3.2Gb RAM.

  Woolwell 17:07 17 Oct 2008

It appears to be as described except that you asked for Samsung memory.
With that amount of RAM it would be better with Vista as 4 Gb is wasted.

  MarvintheAndroid 17:41 17 Oct 2008

I disagree Timbo. The system is offered without an OS installed (unless bought as an optional extra) and the graphics is described as "intergrated" (their spello not mine). As far as the RAM is concerned, anyone can make a mistake and provided that they put it right by sending out the correct RAM that should be acceptable.

However Shauny36, you were unfortunately misguided in thinking that Windows XP could use 8GB of RAM (unless you have XP 64bit edition, in which case I take it back). You need a 64bit OS to use all that RAM.

Also, you should use a tool like Sandra or Belarc Advisor to check the RAM, it could indeed be Samsung manufacture and yet have no stickers on it.

Your system is still a good spec and if you are otherwise happy with it there is no reason to send it back.


  rickf 17:48 17 Oct 2008

Also they could be Samsung chips of course and therefore the memory module itself may not be labled as such. I also disagree with Timbo. What a blanket statement!!

  shauny36 19:55 17 Oct 2008

thanks for all the advice cheers.

also paid £60 for 3 years warrinty hardware/software and free pickup and return but was told on the phone that it woild be a non premium tel number but its 0901 which costs 75p pm.

paid £330 in total inc £5 for branded ram.

  MarvintheAndroid 20:22 17 Oct 2008

Just goes to show how the "extras" can stack up. I personally would not have gone for the extended warranty beyond 12 months. However I can understand your decision.

I suspect they would say that the choice of operating system was yours not theirs, and therefore not their responsibility.

The memory should be OK with a 64bit OS. It may well be Samsung, you can check it with Sandra to identify the manufacturer.

click here

You can file a grievance with Ebay if the listing was incorrect or misleading, however in this case I think they have got you as your issues seem to be with "features" that were not included in the listing.

I'm sure the computer will be fine.


  Woolwell 20:26 17 Oct 2008

I'm sorry but did you not look at their main website before purchasing. This clearly lists an 0911 number click here

  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:55 17 Oct 2008

'any advice?'


Don't buy pc's (or anything costing more than £5) on ebay

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