new pc problems

  bdub 19:35 15 Jan 2003
  bdub 19:35 15 Jan 2003

Jetway Mobo,athlon1100,win98 se
I have built a new pc and tried installing win 98 on it. Half way through the process when it likes to restart it came up with I/O error on drive.I tried a number of times.I then re-formatted and
eventually tried putting the HDD into my other pc and installing Win 98 it went like a dream.So I put HDD back into the new pc and it had the same problem.The hdd boots fine on my other pc I disconnected the cd drive and Windows booted up ok.Therefore I assumed it must be the cd drive ,I took the cd drive from my ok pc and it displayed the same problems so we can rule out the cd drive,it cant be the cable because the Hdd works ok any ideas?(Yes I have the jumpers on CD set to slave.)Bios set to defaults ie first boot fdd,then hdd,then cd etc

  CPU Magnet 19:43 15 Jan 2003

A 1/0 error usually is connected with swithching something on or off. Think about it coz I have not got a clue. You might have done somethng to the power unit. It might be connected to one of the other components (drives) incorrectly. It is probably not your harddisk drive, but maybe the floppy drive as the connection for a is always a bit dodgy as it is different.

  bdub 19:48 15 Jan 2003

I know hdd is ok because it works in my other pc, the floppy works ok because i used it to use startup disk, so i cannot see how the power supply can be the problem, however at this stage Ill cut wires and twist them together if someone thinks itll help

  Longnose 19:54 15 Jan 2003

It might be the IDE cable - try using the one in the ok PC...

What happens if you omit the cd-rom completely from your setup?

Or else, place the cd-rom as a slave on the secondary IDE channel.

  CPU Magnet 19:55 15 Jan 2003

No wire cutting please, you might as well chuck it out the window if ur gonna do that

  CPU Magnet 19:57 15 Jan 2003

YLook inside ya pc again. On your motherboard near the bottom there will be about four wires, HDD LED, POWER LED, POWER SW, RESET SW. My pc did not booot once coz I got the wires srong. You probably have gotthis right, but check you have not put ione of them in the wrong one, coz it might appear to work, although it is actually wrong.

  BRYNIT 20:07 15 Jan 2003

Have you got them on the same ribbon. If so put the hard drive on IDE1 and the CD Rom on IDE2 they should be set as master, also check the ribbon is the correct way.

  woodchip 20:13 15 Jan 2003

Have you got anti-virus turned of in cmos

  bdub 20:23 15 Jan 2003

RE Longnose they are piggy backed and the cd worked for the firts half of setup and it all works with the cd disconnected.

RE CPU Magnet I think I have got all the switch wires the right way, they are all behaving ie lights,reset etc doing what the should.

Re Brynit Ribbon, the are both on the same ribbon,with hdd set on jumper as master and cd as slave the ribbon is the right way,are you suggesting two ribbons?

Re woodschip yes anti-virus is off in cmos

  bdub 21:37 15 Jan 2003

Dont stop repyling, it still isnt sorted...thanks for suggestions so far

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