New PC only comes with a recovery disc

  jockym 21:02 03 Aug 2003

I am expecting the delivery of a new PC shortly and it will have Win XP (home)loaded, I note from previous threads and my order receipt that it will only have a recovery CD and not the full programme loaded at the factory. I have a brand new Win XP(Home) programme that I was going to use to upgrade my present PC but aborted that idea in favour of this new unit, can the XP programme that I have be safely loaded into this new PC or will the identity codes clash.
Yes its a Mesh Matrix 2600 R95!!

  soy 21:05 03 Aug 2003

Yes, definately!

You may loose all the pre-set software that Mesh have installed but they will probably have CDS for them.

Just format the hard drive and install your own copy of XP.

  soy 21:07 03 Aug 2003

Forgot to say:

Why not just keep the present copy of XP that mesh provide and if you need to reformat in the future, then you can use your own copy.

Save the hassle!

  Peter 21:24 03 Aug 2003


If you've got somewhere to store the image (another hard disk or several CDs) why not take a copy of the new hard drive, using Norton Ghost or Drive Image, just incase something goes wrong.


  phixer 21:37 03 Aug 2003

Ghosting is OK in theory but my experience of a MESH machine is that the CD-Writer fitted did not work reliably with burning CDs at all using the Nero software supplied by MESH.

Sure MESH technical advised (Why do they put desktops at Number 6 on the message one hears?)changing a driver setting from DMA to PIO which worked but I still have the Ghost bomb-out problem to solve (any one of the CDs fails to eject ready for the next which necessitates the whole sequence to be aborted). This issue is being addressed, hopefully, in another thread here.

  Lú-tzé 21:38 03 Aug 2003

click here (first item) for lots of good info if you are going to setup a new PC. It will take the best part of a day's work, but will be well worth it.

  DieSse 21:43 03 Aug 2003

Leave he system that arrives as is, and keep the WinCD in case of emergencies.

  jockym 13:13 04 Aug 2003

Thanks for that useful info people. It will now be read and digested before the new baby arrives.
Cheers the noo!

  barrie_g 13:27 04 Aug 2003

Also check that it is just a recovery disk as my brother bought a mesh last year and his
"recovery cd" was a full xp cd just branded as a mesh recovery disk, this has something to do with the oem licencing as they are not allowed to call it a windows cd or something like that.

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