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  dippydon 18:29 15 Feb 2007

we,v a nice new pc from dell.the kids are having fun using it,problem is when they want to use the supplied dell printer.the thing prints out 15 pages with no problems but prints backwards,ie page 15 to 1 instead of 1 to 15.they knew how to specify the range before,ie(again)pages 2 to 7 or the parts they wanted.what do we do ?.

  iscanut 19:12 15 Feb 2007

Have a look at the printer settings, then layout. My HP 5550 has a tick box to print backwards from last page or untick to print from page 1. Have a look at your set up.

  dippydon 19:51 15 Feb 2007

thanks nuts found it fixed it.

  Totally-braindead 20:16 15 Feb 2007

dippydon before the kids get carried away with the printer I think you'd better check the price of cartridges, if the Dell printers are the same as they used to be they were rebadges Lexmarks and I think had to use the Dell carts and they were very dear.
Not saying this is the case anymore but worth checking.

  dippydon 20:56 15 Feb 2007

thanks for that totally-braindead.little miss muppet(becky)was a horror with our previous pc/printer,i solved the problem by rationing her paper allowance and supervising her printing.your right about high cost of cartridges,i,m saving for a colour laser.thanks again.

  spuds 00:02 16 Feb 2007

Dell printers are usually re-badged Lexmark, with a slight modification to the cartridges, as T-b as suggested.If you are brave enough, then you can try refilling the cartridges yourself with JR or InkTec inks. Usually works out at about 50pence per refill, and each cartridge should refill at least six times before slight print problems begin.

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