New PC for new games

  bobbyp 14:23 15 Jul 2004

I am planning on scrapping my old PC and starting again. I figure that while I'm getting a new one, I may as well make sure it's going to work with upcoming games such as Doom3 and Half Life 2.

Does anyone know what I'd need to play these, how much I'd need to spend and who I should buy it from? Money isn't too much of an issue but I don't want to spend loads for the hell of it.


  Smegs 14:39 15 Jul 2004

bobbyp, it all depends on how much money you have got to spend. The more money, the better pc. Do you need another monitor and hard drive??

  inneedofhelp 14:46 15 Jul 2004

quite easy, spend as much as you can afford on the following. graphics card eg radeon 9800xt, ram 1GB,CPU, AMD2500(good for overclocking).,and at east 80gigs.

  jonnytub 14:46 15 Jul 2004

try click here for graphics cards, etc, but don't forget that only a decent monitor and sound system will do the games mentioned any justice

  bobbyp 14:50 15 Jul 2004

I really just want to start all over again, except for my monitor and sound system.

I'd probably be happy to spend up to £1000 if that gets me what I need (or I could spend more if needed)

  jonnytub 14:53 15 Jul 2004

new system or self build?

  bobbyp 15:05 15 Jul 2004


  rickimalone 15:09 15 Jul 2004

Can do alot worse than this for £1000:click here

  rickimalone 15:11 15 Jul 2004

Or this for a bit more:click here

  jonnytub 15:11 15 Jul 2004

bear with me i'm looking but connection slow due to large downloads

  rickimalone 15:12 15 Jul 2004

Just too add the £1000 Mesh matrix 3000fx scored 5200 in 3DMark03 with is a very powerful score in this price bracket.......

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