New PC motherboard question

  Tick Tock 15:02 05 Sep 2006

Will it be a drawback in a couple of years to buy a pc with a motherboard that can be upgraded to 4GB memory max,thats the spec of the pc i want to buy,i will not buy vista until support for XP dies.I hope to buy this week.

  Pamy 15:38 05 Sep 2006

there are many older PC's (mine) running today with less than a quarter of that memory so, I do not think that will be your problem in two years time. It may pay you to get it all now though


  Tick Tock 16:09 05 Sep 2006

I dont want to buy more than 2GB ram at present because winxp32 will not be any advantage with any more than that i think.I do not play games,so will it be far in the future before up to 4GB ram
will be of any use to the average user.

  Tick Tock 22:07 05 Sep 2006

Also the pc will not be used for anything intense like games or video editing,so is 1GB ram more than enough to use with WINDOWS XP and would adding a extra 1GB ram just be a waste.

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