New PC - how best to transfer files from old one?

  davehyde 13:12 05 Jan 2003
  davehyde 13:12 05 Jan 2003

Getting new PC next week. Got shedloads of stuff to transfer from the old to the new - mainly too big for floppies (and they take hours anyway)

Present PC has an external Zip. Basic plan is to copy as much as poss to Zip discs then connect drive to new PC and dump the info on there, repeating as necessary. Might take hours mind...

Must be a way to connect 2 PCs together (cheaply!) and just copy the stuff. If so, by what cabling (probably obvious?) and also, how do you get one PC to recognize the other?

Also thought, would it be poss to get a 2 into 1 serial cable adaptor and have both PCs connected to the Zip at the same time, so when files have been copied to a disc, the new PC can access them without having to disconnect, re-connect etc? (would this cause conflicts?)

Any help appreciated!


  AndySD 13:20 05 Jan 2003

Windows XP on the new PC then click here

  brianthesnail 13:24 05 Jan 2003

The method given by AndySD is the best and it's dead easy to do. I was going to suggest looking in the XP Help and Support files but no need, Andy's found it all for you.


  DieSse 14:04 05 Jan 2003

If you're up for it, take the HDD out of the old system, and put it (temporarily) in place of the CD in the new one.

Then simply copy all the stuff across into a folder on youe new drive. I always copy the whole drive contents - then I can sort them out and properly inset them ito the new drive at leisure - and nothing can be forgotten if you do it that way.

If you have more than one Optical drive on your new system - unhook the IDE cable from them both before hooking in the old HDD - then you will not have to mess about with any jumpers.

  davehyde 17:02 05 Jan 2003

Thanks folks!

I think that the XP solution sounds the best! Not too keen on delving into PC innards (tho I have had to do so in the past) especially when it's brand new!

New PC ships with XP so I expect this'll be the way I go!



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