new pc but hoping to use old router..can i ?

  worcesterman47 12:54 18 Dec 2007

hi, i am having another pc for xmas(much more modern than my current one) current set up is with a d-link dsl-604+ router thru ethernet cable( as i want to keep this router)..question is...will i be able to basically unplug my router...connect all cables etc to new pc and be able to connect & surf web as per usual or do i have to configure router again ? pc will be running win xp...been along time since i set up my own router so any advice/help would be greatly appreciated..many thanks

  cream. 13:08 18 Dec 2007

basically. Yes.

If you have a dynamic IP address, then just plug the ethernet cable into the lan socket and you should be able to surf straight away.

If your router is encrypted, you will be prompted to enter the code.

If you have a static IP address, you will just have to put these settings into the network settings pof your new PC.

Most of the time it's just plug in the cable and start surfing.

  cream. 13:14 18 Dec 2007

what type of IP address you have.

Open control panel > network connections > right click the local area connections icon > select properties> highlight Internet protocol (TCP/IP) > pick properties.

If the radio button of " obtain an IP address automatically " is marked, you have a dynamic address.

If " use the following IP address " then you have a static address.

  worcesterman47 13:19 18 Dec 2007

hi says " obtain automatically " is that what it should be? & if so enable me to surf without any reconfiguring etc etc ? again thanks

  cream. 13:27 18 Dec 2007

If the router has security, you will have to put in the code.

Apart from that you just plug in the ethernet cable and surf.

The router is the one that is permanently connected to the internet, you are just tapping into that branch. So no settings to be altered on the router.

You will have to configure your email client, if you use one, to automatically get your emails.


  cream. 13:29 18 Dec 2007

"obtain automatically " is that what it should be?

Should have added,

thats fine. You have a dynamic IP address.

  worcesterman47 13:34 18 Dec 2007

thanks again...i do NOT believe i ever entered a code for security ( may be wrong but pretty sure) if i did by any chance should/would i have made a note of it or is it in the router set up page ? also i just use outlook express for my mail is that the one i have to configure again..if so thats not a problem..thanks yet again

  MAJ 13:53 18 Dec 2007

The security password will be on the router's configuration page. Make sure to enable WPA security. That will mean that no one can connect to your network without the security code.

  cream. 14:01 18 Dec 2007

" ...i do NOT believe i ever entered a code for security "

You should.

" if i did by any chance should/would i have made a note of it or is it in the router set up page "

yes it will be in the setup pages, as per MAJ. Or download and run SIW for free. Look under the secrets tab to find the key. It doesn't always work as it can be invisible to certaion types of security.

" outlook express for my mail "

Yes it was that.

  worcesterman47 14:08 18 Dec 2007

hi thanks for all the help & advice..i know where i am now with router etc......just one final question though a bit off do people find out/know if someone was using there network? is there some notification on pc somewhere that can be checked or is it just that pc may be going extra slow etc etc ? always wondered about that question..thanks again

  cream. 15:30 18 Dec 2007

how do people find out/know if someone was using there network?

usually be checking the routers signal when they are not surfing.

e.g. If you have your computer/computers switched off and the activity lights on the router are flashing, someone is probably stealing your bandwidth and if you have no security, everyone in your street could be using your internet service.

I can check who is attached to my router by running the mac address filtering option in the router setup pages. Every computer has a unique code and every computer must list there code to access the router. click here

If you have no security, then enable it. If you need any help to set it up. Start anew thread with the name of the router and saying you want to enable security. It should take a couple of minutes to get you secure.

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