New PC had 2010 as date - problem?

  davehyde 14:09 12 Jan 2003
  davehyde 14:09 12 Jan 2003

Just got a new PC. Set it up last night and checked the date/time was right before proceeding. Realised this morning that although time and date were right, the PC had shipped with the year set to 2010!

This means I now have 229 files with 2010 as their creation/modification date. Some I can delete as they relate to software I've installed, but some are registry? (is it still the registry on XP) files so I don't want to touch them.

It's probably not a problem, but of course if I do searchs for recently created/modified files, it'll always come up with'em!! OK, so I can bracket the dates I search on, but this is far too time consuming!

Also, Windows95 let you search for "files modified in the last X days" so you could narrow it down to very recent files. Why does XP only let you choose "1 week"? Can this be changed



  VoG™ 14:14 12 Jan 2003

Don't know about the year issue.

In Help and Support if you click the arrow next to "when was it modified" you will see a range of choices including "specify dates" which, if you tick it, sets the current date as both from and to.

  dogtrack 18:13 13 Jan 2003

if you double click the clock in the taskbar, you will be presented with a dialogue box. Within this you have the choice to change date, time,
year, to whatever you want.

  davehyde 19:01 13 Jan 2003

.... as soon as I noticed the prob. Unfortunately I still have 200+ files dated 2010 and need to know if I just leave them or if they'll cobble things up!


  dogtrack 07:58 14 Jan 2003

they should be ok. But if you will feel more at ease, you could reinstall your OS after saving your work. When I first turned on my "new" PC it would not boot correctly, just kept on repeating the POST and shutting down. Had to do a full format & reinstall....on a brand new machine. Has been ok since. Ah well, such is life. If you seem to be running without problems, I would just leave as is.

  Sapins 09:45 14 Jan 2003

I had a similar problem 2yrs ago except the clock changed itself! I did not realise what had happened and when I did I changed the year. I have not had any problems since and some files are still dated 2009, but, the interesting thing was my Norton System Works told me I had 900odd days before I would have to renew my subscription!!

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