New pc flat screen

  Daiol 22:45 28 Aug 2009

Hi,My son has just bought a new pc monitor 22ins,Its like a wide screen.
Now when he opens up a cd cover software the circle on screen looks like an egg on its side.
Can he do something about that or is it because of the wide screen efect?.Running windows xp.

  QuizMan 22:49 28 Aug 2009

Probably due to the resolution he is running. My normal 19 inch monitor runs at 1280 x 1024 whereas, if it was widescreen, it would be more like 1280 x 768. Sorry, not sure what the settings are for a 22 inch one.

  Woolwell 22:58 28 Aug 2009

My 22" widescreen runs at 1680 x 1250.

  ambra4 04:22 29 Aug 2009

A standard 19” LCD monitor will have a screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 at 60Hz

A19” Widescreen LCD monitor will have a screen resolution of 1440 x 900at 60Hz

A 22” Widescreen LCD monitor will have a screen resolution of 1680 x 1050 at 60Hz

If the display card cannot handle that resolution you need to get a new display card

Make sure that you get the correct one for your motherboard AGP or PCI-E

  Daiol 08:56 29 Aug 2009

Thankyou all for replies.I checked the resolutions by means of right click blank screen properties > settings.
The settings provided by ambra4 & Woolwell,are not showing the settings that he has are 1024 X 768,Tried the other setting by sliding the bar to left & right but no improvement one of the settings were really ofset.Thanks all if you can assist in any other ideas i would be most welcomed.Thanks on behalf of my son,daiol.

  QuizMan 09:07 29 Aug 2009

1024x768 is not right for a wide screen. As a rough and ready guide the first number divided by the width of the screen should approximately equal the second number divided by the height.

If the image is offset, it is possible to adjust the horizontal and vertical position via the monitor's on screen menu. But unless the settings have been played around with, I would be surprised if that was the reason.

  BRYNIT 09:37 29 Aug 2009

You should have the monitor set at its native resolution.

I could be wrong but if everything else is OK the problem is more likely the program being used.

When opening the program do not maximize to fit screen it sometime stretches it too wide.

If the program is open in full screen mode you will see at the top right a small square on top of another. Click on this and the program should reduce in size preventing the egg shape look.

  GaT7 15:37 29 Aug 2009

What's the make & model number of your monitor & graphics card please?

As the others have said, you must run it at the native resolution - usually 1680*1050 on a 22" but can vary with models. If you cannot change it to anything greater than 1024x768, your graphics card &/or drivers are not up to scratch. G

  Daiol 20:59 29 Aug 2009

Thanks all for replies,A lot to think about.
Regarding 'Crossbow7' question what make it is well its a 'HANNS.G' screen,& graphics card I cant tell you as the pc he has was a home build one by one of his computer friends.Also regarding drivers he does a regular windows updates.
And for 'BRYNIT' point about making the program used to a smaller screen,Well we did have a go at that earlier today and it did make an improvement to the circle.
Thats all we can tell you,But thanks to all for the replies.d.

  ambra4 03:13 30 Aug 2009

Hanns-G HI221D 22 Inch TFT Monitor


Diagonal Size 22" Widescreen

Max Resolution 1680 x 1050

click here

  Daiol 08:46 30 Aug 2009

Just one final point,Do the make a 22ins screen not in widescreen?.thanks.d

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