New PC dialed up Internet by itself

  Ms_Dial 15:33 21 Mar 2007

I got my latest PC this January as a gift, an emachines T5212 w/ WinXP, 200GB HD, 1024MB RAM and it's been interesting from the start beginning with a start menu key that only functions on the 4th tap, but that I can live with, it's the other eccentric behavior that's got me perplexed.

1.) After a few hours of computer use graphic display malfunctions (taskbar & icons disappear, shut down window won't come up, clock time freezes.)

2.) Today it dialed up the Internet w/o me being anywhere near it.

3.) Resources say 89% free yet system sometimes freezes when running more than 2 programs at once.

Any advice?

P.S. I have 2 anti-virus programs, McAfee & AVG and each are updated daily.

  brundle 15:35 21 Mar 2007

If you are running two anti-virus programs you are bound to have problems. Remove one of them. Unless you mean AVG Anti-Spyware click here

  VoG II 15:36 21 Mar 2007

Get rid of one of the anti-virus programs!! They will conflict and slow your system down.

  keef66 15:43 21 Mar 2007

Already been said. If you have 2 different antivirus progs running at the same time they will spend most of the time fighting each other, each thinking the other is doing something underhand.

Once saw Norton and McAfee fighting to the death on a small business network. Very entertaining, but not much work done that week.

  Ms_Dial 15:45 21 Mar 2007

What about the display problems, etc?

  VoG II 15:51 21 Mar 2007

Two conflicting AV programs could cause the system to freeze. See if the problems continue after removing one of them.

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