new pc crashes

  frasernet 09:41 06 Mar 2004

your views please. i have just upgraded my system, new motherboard, processor, memory and video card. these are 'Pc ddr 333 systembaord' athlon 2600+ processor, ati 9200 video and 256 ddr ram. After installing windows xp home it kept crashing, up to date sp1 and all updates, drivers etc. took it back to my friends shop who say they benchtested it thoroughly but it was stable. although i had had it crash aprox. 20 times the night before. They suggested it could be a peripheral, so i unplugged my thrustmaster joypadfrom it's usb port, also my epsom printer from it's usb port, i have had trouble free sessions since then. now, my question is.. if i have usb 1 & 2 could the hardware problem be caused by a conflict with an older type game controller, even though it is signed by xp?? i can't figure this out. any ideas?????

  AndySD 09:50 06 Mar 2004

Ok Have you been to the MoBo Manufacturers website to check for driver updates. Also latest drivers from the peripherals web sites.

What size is the PSU on the PC?

  goonerbill 09:52 06 Mar 2004

sounds like a USB driver problem. download the latest drivers for your mobo from the makers site and install.

this should cure the problem hopefully

  frasernet 10:08 06 Mar 2004

Board: ECS M848A 1.0
Bus Clock: 166 megahertz
BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. 07.00T 04/02/01

the closest i can find on this via a google search is the v2.1 ,, mine seems to be a vers. 1. any ideas where i might get updated drivers for a usb? i'm a bit confused and dont want to bugger things up further. thanks.

  AndySD 10:36 06 Mar 2004

Are you sure of the Board the M848A Is PCChips not ECS can you download and run AIDA click here and confirm this or do you have the Box and Manual?

  Rayuk 10:39 06 Mar 2004

Add each peripheral in turn see if it is specific to one only.

  AndySD 11:20 06 Mar 2004

Have you installed the XP usb patch from Microsoft? click here

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